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Helping Abandoned West Highland Terriers by:Richard Cussons

Helping Abandoned West Highland Terriers by:Richard Cussons

Every year, many dogs, including west highland terriers are welcomed by many families into their homes

. During the first few weeks... months probably, the new family member is loved and adored and often became the apple of everybody's eye. However, when things did not turned out as expected; accidents became frequent, increasing number of holes in the front lawn or annoying noise almost every time, the love and adoration usually jumps out of the window and leave without turning back. It was only then did the realization hit that the breed is not actually the ideal breed for the family. The next thing you know, this ought-to-be ideal family is turning over Fido to the nearest animal shelter or worst, abandoning the poor creature on his own.

West highland terriers are abandoned for various reasons. But abandonment wouldn't have had happened only if people are responsible enough to assess themselves to determine what specific breed is right for them and they are well aware of the care, time and attention needed by these pets to become healthy and happy. It is also vital that people ensure the quality of pet they will be getting and avoid those from puppy mill breeders. With this, not only will it lessen the number of abandoned pets but will also strike a blow to puppy mill breeders.

One can also help abandoned dogs through dog adoption. Through dog adoption, you help save a dog from possible death because chronologically ill dogs, elderly dogs, problematic dogs or those who have been staying in the shelter for a long period of time are often at risk of euthanasia. However, there are issues surrounding dog adoption. Some believe that dogs from shelters are problematic dogs thus given up by their previous owners. It may be true that some dogs do have problems, people should know and believe that not all dogs in the shelter are problematic dogs. In fact, some of them are already trained either by their previous owners or people from the shelter. Some are even neutered/spayed and have completed their shots and vaccinations required by law.

If still not convinced, try to visit a dog shelter nearest you. There you will find out that adopting a dog is not a bad idea after all. Maybe you'll realize that it's great!Helping Abandoned West Highland Terriers by:Richard Cussons

About the author

Richard Cussons wants to help abandoned west highland terriers. Before adopting, check out to find out more about this breed and what makes west highland terriers training successful.
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Helping Abandoned West Highland Terriers by:Richard Cussons