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health insurance what to do graduates from college students

health insurance what to do graduates from college students

Every year, more than one million Americans earn a college degree

. Graduation is exciting, but flipping your tassel also means taking on new challenges. One of them is deciding what to do about health insurance.

Traditionally, young adults could only remain on their parents' policy until they turned 23 or finished college. Fortunately, new laws have extended the coverage period all the way to age 26. This gives you ample time to find a job that offers benefits.

But what if you don't have coverage through your parents to begin with? This is a predicament millions of recent grads are still facing. Yet going without insurance is risky, even when you're young and healthy. And in most cases, it really isn't necessary. In fact, there are lots of ways to find coverage while chasing that dream.

Find a part-time job with benefitshealth insurance what to do graduates from college students

Some places offer health insurance to employees who work 20 or 30 hours a week. Waiting tables a few nights a week may be all you need to do to get coverage. If that's not your bag, try working at a gym, coffee shop or hotel. If you scout around, some larger companies may also offer health insurance benefits to part-time employees.

Take out a short-term policy

A number of insurers offer temporary coverage to recent grads. These policies last about three to six months and have a variety of features:

* They can be tailored to your needs.

* They are fairly inexpensive.

* They're easy to cancel.

* Some can be renewed.

* You have to apply before graduation.

* Pre-existing conditions usually aren't covered.

Even with those disadvantages, though, a short-term policy can still be helpful. If you're within a few months of finding a job, it might just be all the coverage you need.

Get a policy with a high deductible

A high deductible health plan (HDHP) is often a good option. Premiums are much lower than for standard policies. You have to pay the first few thousand dollars in health costs yourself. But in a real emergency, it can come in handy. Once you've met your deductible, the insurance coverage will kick in. If you get really sick your medical expenses may run high, but you won't have to declare bankruptcy over an illness. Young people are usually healthy and preventive care is almost always included in a HDHP at no additional cost.

Consider COBRA

Federal law also allows parents to keep children on their employer plan if they're no longer eligible for group coverage. You can use COBRA for up to 36 months, but it's expensive. For starters, you pay all of the coverage costs plus a 2 percent administrative fee. The employer does not contribute to the plan, which means it could cost you as much as several hundred dollars a month. There's a time limit, too. You only have 60 days after dependent coverage ends to re-enroll.

COBRA does offer a major advantage, though. You get the full range of benefits and coverage. That means access to all network doctors and facilities. And when you take that into account, COBRA might not be a bad deal. Besides, there's one option that's can be costlier than paying for COBRA.

That's having no insurance at all.

health insurance what to do graduates from college students

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