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Having West Highland Terriers As Pets by:Richard Cussons

Having West Highland Terriers As Pets by:Richard Cussons

Once in your life, have you ever considered having west highland terriers are pets

? With various dog breeds in existence, maybe many people are baffled as to what dog breed makes a perfect additional member of the family.

West highland terriers, also known as westies, is described as "all terrier" used to seek and dig out foxes and badgers. But despite their strong-willed personality and boldness as terrier, it is not impossible for these dogs to become great pets as well. Your kids may find a playmate in a westie since this breed gets along well with children. Rule of the thumb to prevent any untoward incident: no poking of eyes, no pulling of tail or whatever it is that can annoy the furry creature. Kids must also be trained to leave the pet alone when resting or eating.

Though they are terriers and not lap dogs, this small sized dog breed can sit in your lap to keep you company. Having your westie sitting beside you on a rainy day while you watch your favorite television show can be so comforting. And if you need travel companion, they will always be there at your service since these dogs are easy to travel with.

Their small physique does not make them less of a watchdog. Protectiveness is actually a strong characteristic of west highland terriers. The small bodied animal will definitely make the loudest bark to scare off enemies and to warn his human of what he perceived danger. They will also not hesitate to use their quite large teeth if needed.

Being energetic and playful, one might say that a westie does not longer need to exercise since play provides a lot of the exercise needs. But also true with other breeds, these little dogs need to be taken out for daily walks to fulfill their primal instinct to walk and therefore prevent behavior problems such as aggression, chewing and others. And take note, walking is good for you too!

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