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Hand Surgery: How To Avoid This After A Few Common Injuries?

Hand Surgery: How To Avoid This After A Few Common Injuries?

Hand surgery can be quite inconvenient considering that many people use their hands everyday

. Imagine having to take time off work or hobbies just to fully recover. Fortunately, such an operation can be avoided in most cases just by preventing some of the most common injuries. If they do happen to you, however, knowing how to treat them right away is imperative so that you can avoid taking several days off to heal.

If you cut yourself, the first step is to apply pressure to the wound stop the bleeding. Use a clean washcloth or paper towel to do this, depending on how serious the cut is. Once the bleeding stops, you should be able to clean it with soap and water.

Keeping debris and dirt out of the laceration can help prevent infection later on, which can be painful. If it is a manageable cut, put a Band-Aid on it, but if it too large for one, you can cover it with gauze. In most cases it can heal on its own, but if it is particularly deep or painful, go to your doctor as soon as possible.

Burns vary, but the most common type occurs from simply touching something that is very hot. If you have such a burn, put cool water on it to temporarily stop the pain. You should then cover it to help it heal faster.

If you have burn gel, that can also help with the pain. If it is frostbite, you should warm the affected area up and then cover with a cloth. In most cases, you should head to a doctor in order to avoid complications resulting in hand surgery down the road.

If you think you have broken or fractured your bone, there is only so much you can do for it at home. If the bone is sticking out, you should cover it with a clean cloth or gauze to protect it. Immediately afterward, go to the emergency room or doctor. You can apply ice to the area to deal with pain on the way there.

Most of the time, injuries to hands must be dealt with by a doctor to avoid having to have hand surgery in the future. Unless the injury is rather small and able to heal within a few days, you are better safe than sorry.

Hand surgery will have you out of commission for much longer than visiting a doctor would, so keep that in mind if you think you do not have time to see a professional about the injury.

by: Andrew Stratton
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Hand Surgery: How To Avoid This After A Few Common Injuries? Washington