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Gum Infection, Getting It Cured

Gum diseases attack under the gum line and make the gum tissue break down.

There are 2 stages in this gum infection


which is fairly easily treatable, where you have reddened and bleeding gums, especially seen after brushing or flossing, and

Periodontal disease

which is very serious, where the bacteria in the mouth grow and damage the bone that supports the teeth, you get pus in your mouth, the gums shrink back and you may have to get your teeth pulled out or they could just fall out by themselves.

You could be more inclined to gum infection if you

Have heaps of stress

Have diabetes

Smoke or chew tobacco

Have bad fillings

Don't eat properly

Have poor oral hygiene

How to avoid and fix gum infection

The plaque has to go

Everyone gets plaque; soft plaque needs to be removed by regular brushing with a good quality toothpaste and hard plaque (tartar) needs to be scraped off by a dentist.

Mild cases can be rectified by brushing with a good toothpaste (most popular brands have too many drying agents in them, so beware), flossing regularly and going to see your dentist regularly.

With advanced disease, you may need antibiotics or even surgery.

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Gum Infection, Getting It Cured