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Guidelines For Finding Sra Certified Personal Injury Solicitors

Guidelines For Finding Sra Certified Personal Injury Solicitors

It happens that the accident victims fall prey to counterfeit organizations when

they approach the court to file compensation claims for the losses and damages they received. A number of fake legal agencies are subliminally active throughout the UK and many of these personal injury solicitors simply make use of the distressed condition of the accident victims. SRA or Solicitors Regulatory Authority was established on 29th of January, 2007 to identify these phony agencies and regulate their activities. If you are an ill-fated individual who has been suffering pain and agony because of someone elses negligence, you should check a solicitor agencys credibility with SRA before you finally claim personal injury compensation through them.

The main objective: to secure public interest

SRA currently regulates over 120,000 solicitors in England and Wales. Their prime objective is to set, promote and secure the behavioral standards of the mainland UK based law firms so as to ensure that the clients can benefit from this. Most of the legitimate and credible personal injury solicitors adhere to the SRA standards and try to provide the best possible service to their clients. However, there are still some imitative agencies that try to make believe the accident victims through colorful websites and ornate ad copies that they are the best compensation claim solicitor firms in the country.

How not to get entrapped?
Guidelines For Finding Sra Certified Personal Injury Solicitors

One easy way to single out a legitimate agency is to ask the agency people whether they abide by the SRA standards and cross check their version from SRA official website only. Apart from that, there are some other ways to identify legitimate personal injury solicitors.

Firstly, check whether the agency is offering pro bono services. In laymans terms, pro bono is also known as no win no fee which implies that you need not to cough up until and unless the verdict goes in favor of you. Reputable solicitor firms offer these services for the financially distressed and wrongfully injured citizens of the country.

Secondly, you need to check whether the agency has dealt with a similar case in the past. This is not actually for sort listing trusty agencies, but it will help you play safe and not waste you r money. If the solicitor or his agency has dealt with similar case in the past, it means that they have enough knowledge on how to cope with these cases. Your chances to win the case increase.

Thirdly and most importantly, check whether the agency has ill fame or not. For this, you need to network a little bit and find whether someone in your circle have received a poor service from the personal injury solicitors in the past.

How can you help?

Your duty and responsibility does not actually end when you find a credible solicitor agency. You need to gather all the pertinent documents that are required for fighting your case. You should ask a solicitor agency in detail and then arrange the documents (e.g. photographs and videos of injuries and property damages etc) and entrust these documents to the personal injury solicitors whenever asked for.

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