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Group Sms Marketing And Mobile Messaging

Group Sms Marketing And Mobile Messaging

group sms marketing and mobile messaging is an effective way in which to communicate with large numbers of customers or members

. The solution is ideal for both businesses and community groups, as it allows interested parties to opt in to receive SMS texts to learn about important news and updates. Businesses use SMS marketing in a number of different ways - for spreading news and information, in marketing to gain new business, and when communicating internally with staff.

Because SMS marketing is an opt-in solution, organisations can rest assured that any details they send will be received only by interested parties who have chosen to receive such news to their mobile phones. If you have a special offer available, use SMS to inform your customers about it. Text messaging is an extremely quick way to communicate with a huge number of people - in fact, according to Ofcom, 97.5% of SMS messages are read within five seconds of being received - and it can be used either alone or alongside other methods, from traditional marketing to email and online campaigns. Text messaging can also be used to improve customer service.

For example, a doctor's surgery may choose to message details to patients to minimise missed appointments, or a retailer can send information about delivery details by text to make life more convenient for the customer. But it's not all about text these days. With more than 32 million smart phone users in the UK - a figure that's set to double in the next three years - you can do much more than texting with your mobile marketing campaigns.

Smart phones allow you to send links to websites within your text messages, providing a direct link to particular web pages you wish to promote. The best mobile messaging providers also allow you to send MMS messages, so you can communicate using multimedia with customers who have this enabled on their phones. To ensure a successful campaign, businesses should choose a reputable bulk sms marketing provider.

If you are sending to UK customers, choose a company that uses UK phone networks to guarantee quality of service. Providers allow organisations to purchase in bundles - Text Local allows you to buy anything from 100 to over 25000 credits - which never expire, so you can take as long as you like to use them. By making SMS messaging a central part of your organisation's operations, it is possible to increase the efficiency of staff. This effective means of communication allows businesses to spread news in an environmentally friendly manner, with minimal difficulty, and even decreases overhead costs by reducing the need for call centres.

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