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Good Luck Finding A Job And One Providing Health Insurance

Good Luck Finding A Job And One Providing Health Insurance

Not too long ago many job positions offered 100% healthcare insurance as a one of their benefits

. Today, with the rising costs of healthcare, many companies are reducing the percentage they contribute to the company health plan or have totally shifted the cost to the employee. Companies find they can no longer afford the costs as budget planning is reviewed.

Along with the number of jobs being limited, so are the jobs that offer healthcare benefits. Once this benefit was offered by companies as a way to attract employees but the marketplace has changed. Companies are rethinking the option of healthcare benefits as a way to bolster their bottom line. If one is lucky, they may find a job that offers to pay a portion of the premium.

While some employers may be paying for a portion of the premium, they have begun to look at the types of plans being offered. The plan employees have today may not be comparable to the type of plan they had several years ago. Companies are seeking plans with average coverage in order to reduce their expenses. What was covered in previous plans may not be covered in the existing plan. Employee should know what the plan covers before something happens.

Still most employers that don't offer health care coverage do not really increase employee's salaries to the point where they can really afford to pay out of pocket for an individual private pay insurance plan and this means that if you don't find a job that offers health insurance as a benefit of employment you could be left paying a majority of your paycheck to pay health insurance premiums.

The people of this country aren't sure what to expect now that the National Health Plan has been passed. For many, it will mean they will be covered regardless of whether they had a previous condition or if they can pay for it. For others, it means they will be footing the bill for those who cannot pay. Time will only tell if this plan will be seen as a benefit or a nightmare. Perhaps, the entire structure of how the United States provides health care will be redefined.

by: Ethan Kalvin
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Good Luck Finding A Job And One Providing Health Insurance Islamabad