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Goal Setting For Internet Home Businesses - Set The Goals, Put Them In Writing

Goal Setting For Internet Home Businesses - Set The Goals, Put Them In Writing

Internet Home Businesses require Goal Setting as much

, probably more so than most other types of businesses. Why? Simple, for those of us that operate from home, our distractions are only a few feet away. Our families, pets, visitors, family obligations that crop up, PLUS, we have all of the traditional distractions that "normal "businesses have. Couple all of that together; Internet Home Businesses have a tougher road to hoe than most. Here are 2 starter tips to get the ball rolling.

1. Set the Goals or Goal

Quickly, right now, name your top 5 goals for 2010? If you can do it, quickly, without having to actually make them up as you go, you are way ahead of the game. Most people can not do it. EVERYTHING you do will flow from these goals, or at least it should. If you are not clear, or have not spent sufficient time on this initial step, you should do so, as soon as possible. Not having clearly defined goals is the same thing as starting out on a long road trip, without any idea of where you are heading. The problem with this approach is, because you do not have a plan, a direction, a set course of action, you are extremely vulnerable to be taken off course, by anyone and anything.

Those of you who are familiar with my work on Time Management know how crucial it is to have a plan, then work your plan. The start of that process is proper Goal Setting, then monitoring those goals. Internet Home Businesses require an extra effort on our part to stay on track; do not make it any harder on yourself by not having set up your Goals properly. Do not get bogged down in the process, what is important is that you start to flesh out your goals, start with the framework and flesh it out as time goes on. The reality is, if you are doing this properly, the process never ends, it is always constantly evolving and changing as your circumstances and focuses do. Welcome to the exciting and wonderful world of Internet Home Businesses!!

2. Write Them Down

I can hear the groans from everybody now; I get the same reaction in my seminars, People groan, but then they don't do it. The same people, I see them, or hear from them, 6 months, a year or two down the road, the complaints start, not happy with their results, with their business, there personal life, same dog, different fleas.

Same dog, different fleas. Which means, same complaints, different people, same route cause. You can not help to get ahead of the curve, drive your own Agenda, stay focused, do the REALLY important things, everything you need to do, without a road map, without a direction to start out in, and finally, at least a vague idea of where you might be heading.

This is your call, in the end it is always your call. Goals that are not written down are not going to get accomplished, take my 35 years experience with well over 25,000 people as the resource to make this call. Don't misunderstand me, JUST because they are written down, does not magically mean they are going to be accomplished, not by a long shot, you are just increasing the chances that they might get accomplished if you take the time and effort to at least get them down in some written form.

Internet Home Businesses need attention, time and resources to flourish, not unlike any other business of identity. Start by setting specific goals, and then showing them some respect by writing them down.

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Goal Setting For Internet Home Businesses - Set The Goals, Put Them In Writing