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Giving Life to Your Site or Web Page by:Ruth Abigail Sebastian

Giving Life to Your Site or Web Page by:Ruth Abigail Sebastian

Traffic is the lifeblood of online sites and web pages

. This means that you need to find a way to direct traffic to them in order to keep them alive. Without traffic, even the most enticing page in the virtual world does not seem to exist. Traffic is the technical term for people seeing your site or page so directing traffic means leading people to it. Since there are thousands of sites per category online, it is not so easy to get your desired traffic. In this matter, traffic exchange is a great help.

Since its existence, traffic exchange has been proven to generate traffic to sites or web pages. It has a membership system where you can choose to join for free or go for the pro where you pay a minimal fee. Once a member, you need to add your site or page to the account. The URL that you would add must be the address where you want to direct traffic to. Then, you need to do your part on generating traffic to that address through the program.

Your role in traffic exchange is to surf the sites of the other members within the program. These are the sites that the other members added to their account and assigned their credits to so it can be shown to other people within the program. This is also what you can do once you earn your credits.

You gain credits for every page that you view within the program. As you assign these credits to your own sites or pages, you allow it to be one of the pages to be rotated and seen by other people. This is how you send traffic to it. The credits that you earn are the amount of traffic that you bring to your site or web page. Your credits get deducted per person who views your page. So, you really need to keep on gaining credits and assign them to your site to direct traffic to it and keep it alive.

There are other ways to gain credits. You can have referrals and earn bonus credits that traffic exchange gives for every referral. This ranges from 100 to 500 credits, depending on the program. With referrals, you are also entitled to have a percentage of the amount of credits that they gain through surfing other sites. This could be up to 10 percent, depending on the program that you are in. it is a good idea to have lots of referrals because time may come when you will not need to surf just to gain credits. You will keep on earning credits without surfing through your referrals.

If you want to keep your site alive, then you must do your best to direct traffic to it as much as you can. There are a lot of ways to do this but traffic exchange is the fastest and cost efficient way to do it. A very enticing site or page is a very good thing to show within the program in order to catch the attention of your viewers. Consider this and you will surely be successful with your online business.

About the author

Ruth Abigail Sebastian has been a traffic exchange enthusiast. She has learned a lot about how to use it properly with online businesses and wants to share it.
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