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Getting Cataract & Cosmetic Surgery

Getting Cataract & Cosmetic Surgery

Cataracts cause the natural lens to develop an opacification

, or loss of transparency, resulting in loss of vision. Cataracts form as a gradual process of normal aging which means that people may start having problems with cataracts when they reach an advanced age. Usually, this vision problem is found in people more than 55 years old and as age increases cataract problems tend to increase as well. Cataracts are considered the leading cause of vision and sight problems among millions of people worldwide.

Your natural lens is responsible for focusing light on the retina. But cataracts consist of proteins which alter the natural state of the lens and thus prohibit or distort the natural light that should enter the retina. Cataracts may not cause serious problems for many years but over time it is possible for the eyes to get cloudy causing a loss of vision.

Some people have misconceptions about cataracts; they consider it a disease but this is not true. It is just a condition of the eye that occurs most frequently later in life. It is a serious condition, though, as the loss of sight over time if not treated can lead to blindness.

There are many causes of cataracts. Sometimes cataracts occur as a result of other procedures performed to correct vision. Traumatic cataracts can occur when you injure the eye lens. Congenital cataracts are genetic and can be found in kids. Radiation cataracts develop from excessive exposure to sunlight. Some studies also show that cataracts can be the result of the use of steroids.Getting Cataract & Cosmetic Surgery

Cataract conditions may be different from one person to another and the eye lens can be covered partially or completely. Cataracts are also classified as hard or soft. No matter what kind of condition or stage the cataract is, it is important to treat it as soon as it is found.

Whatever type of cataract a person develops, the removal procedure remains the same across the globe. To remove cataracts, a person needs to go through cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is a medical procedure that removes the natural lens of the eye - also known as crystalline lens. In simple terms, cataract surgery is performed to regain the natural vision of a patient.

If you are having a problem driving or viewing far or near objects, this can be the first sign of cataracts and you should get your eyes examined by an eye surgeon. Cataract surgery is a simple procedure that has no side effects and is one of the most common eye surgeries with a very high success rate.

by: Anthony Rainey
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