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Get Online With The Compelling Dragonica Game

Get Online With The Compelling Dragonica Game

The Dragonica game is a side-scrolling massively multiplayer online game that is rocking the virtual world of 3D games

. Created by Barunson Interactive, Dragonica seeks its players to become the best combatant. You are expected to stand beside the dragonians in the battle against the forces that threaten the world.

To start playing this game, you must first register and create a game account. Go to their official website and enter the information being asked such as account ID, password, e-mail address and identification number. Your ID must be unique; the site will check on its availability to avoid duplicity of account ID.

Your identification number is used to validate your identity for game support. Be assured that this information is kept in confidence. Part of the registration for Dragonica game is to provide your gender, date of birth and country residence. These are all mandatory. However, the details on your mobile phone and promotion code are optional.

Before your application is submitted you must first enter the validation code as shown on the designated box. Then click on the small box for your consent. After creating your account, you log in and choose the game Dragonica to activate it because there are many free to play video games on the site.

There are six servers in Dragonica. Each server has 12 channels. After you have selected your server and channel, creating your character is your next move. You can choose from four characters. There is a warrior, a magician, an archer and a thief. You can create up to 5 characters per Dragonica game account.

Each character can be customized according to hairstyle and color, skin color, and facial features including the shape. A warrior is known for his brute strength and battle-hone wits. He can be promoted to gladiator as he levels up.

The magician is skilled in casting spells. He can also burst damage with long rage spells. The magician's drawback is his weak health. The archer is equipped with a long range projectile arsenal. He can shoot down enemies from great distances. His weakness is shown in group battles. He is better off working on his own.

Using his burst power, a thief can inflict great damage to his opponent. He has better melee attack skills in comparison to other warriors. He can become invisible against monsters and players. However, the thief can be vulnerable and get killed easily.

You can use the map of the game to access beautiful places, and to work on upgrading your skills and levels. To be successful and truly enjoy the game, it is best to choose one character, and focus your time in honing his skills and upgrading his weapons.

Take and complete the hero quest. It is a good training ground for all characters in the Dragonica game. Unlike what most players advised, I recommend taking the 7 side quests despite its lack of rewards. Do the grinding mission quests; it automatically renders some side quests, like killing mobs and hunting mob items.

In the Dragonica game, it is wise to do your mission quest as a party. The experience points are greater, and it makes your leveling up quicker as well. Make use of your skills and master them. Your favorite weapons should be refined as well.

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Get Online With The Compelling Dragonica Game