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Get Back With Your Ex - Patience Can Pay Off

Get Back With Your Ex - Patience Can Pay Off

We all know someone who has gone through a tough break up

. Many of us have experienced at least one of these hardships ourselves. There are many emotional stages that a person goes through in the aftermath of a break up: depression, anger, frustration and acceptance.

Some people decide that they are better off without their other half and move on, jumping into new relationships every other week. However, what happens if you realize that the ex was "the one"? You want to get back together with your true love more than anything else. You find yourself thinking about them all the time. The more you think about your relationship, the more frustrated you get. You want to get back together, but have no idea how to do it.

You picture yourself becoming the stereotypical stalker, following your ex-partner and their friends from place to place trying to get up the courage to talk with them again. A smarter choice would be take some time and think back on the relationship. Winning an them back is not easy but it can be done, with patience and a little bit of work.

One of the first things to do is to consider why the break up happened in the first place. Was it one event, or was it ongoing behavior that they couldn't or wouldn't deal with any longer? In order to repair the relationship and make it better than before, it's important to learn from our mistakes, so that we don't repeat them. Get Back With Your Ex - Patience Can Pay Off

If you feel that you are totally in the dark, ask friends and relatives who know you both for some help. Many couples have friends that they go out with and commiserate with. Often these friends understand the dynamics of the relationship well enough to provide some constructive feedback. Ask for specifics so that you understand what behavior drove the wedge between the two of you.

When it is finally time to talk to your ex, don't come across as needy, or that you can't live without them. This may have the effect of pushing them away, making it harder to get back together. Let them see that you are doing okay on your own. Show that you can confidently handle life on your own, and that you are happy. It may make them wonder if they made the right decision by leaving you. Set up a meeting at a neutral location so that the two of you can talk. If it was an emotional break up, this may take some time to help your ex see how wonderful it could be if the two of you were together again.

I'm just a regular guy that has suffered the heartache of breaking up with my girlfriend Cindy. After trying endless times, I finally found something that worked and now we are back together again.

Are you ready to be re-united with your loved one? Don't wait a minute longer! Now is the best time to make them fall in love with you all over again!

by: Troy Truman
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