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Gas Saving Tips by:Teeny Ingberg

Gas Saving Tips by:Teeny Ingberg

Most people need to drive their cars to work, take their children to school

, to shopping, to buy the grocery and many other things to do. Everybody will also like to save money on gasoline, therefore people will like to find out how to save money on the gasoline for their vehicles. There are many ways and habits that people can practice to save on driving.

The first thing to save gas is to well maintain your cars, periodically take it for a tune up. Things like making sure the air filter, carburetor and spark plugs are clean, which can make the car using less fuel. Also, lubricate and change the motor oil periodically, and use low viscosity oil so the engine will run smoother with less resistance. You should inflate the tires properly to improve the gas mileage. Pay attention to the MPG or Mileages per Gallon, to constantly monitor the progress of and try to improve the gas savings. There are more tips about cars at for you to read.

Remove the cargo rack that may be mounted on the roof or trunk of the vehicle will reduce the fuel usage too. Try to take out the unnecessary weight from the passenger and trunk, things like boxes, wheelers, and extra tire. The lighter the load the less gas will be wasted. Also keep the car clean to reduce the resistance, especially the mud and soil that may stick to the, bumpers, bottom and tires should be removed. Another thing like a tailgate trailer will add more burdens, and should be unattached. You should fill the regular gasoline rather than the premium or high octane gasoline, unless there are special reasons to do so.

There are daily habits for the way you drive that will result in the savings. During the hot weather, try to turn the air conditioner to a lower setting. If you are driving on the highways, keep the speed constant will help the gas efficiency too. Park the car near the exit of a parking lot may save the expense, and also improve your health for doing more exercises. Car pooling with the co-workers and friends will also help reducing the fuel using. There are many more ideas for saving gas on the web, just go to the research and that will help you with more ideas.Gas Saving Tips by:Teeny Ingberg

About the author

Teeny is a writer for finance, computer, travel, cars, shopping and other subjects for many years, please visit for more information.
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Gas Saving Tips by:Teeny Ingberg