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Fun Kids Duvet Covers

Fun Kids Duvet Covers

If you're a mother or father shopping for kid's duvet covers

, you may have noticed that there are ones for every kind of kid. Sometimes trendy and fashionable things lose their popularity over time. What was hot a few years ago may not be hot now. The other problem is that children tend to grow out of stuff and be in search for the next craze. Picking out the wrong cover for a child could end up badly if the child doesn't like it.

The easy solution is to let your child pick out their own duvet or compromise on a choice. Perhaps your child is really into a cartoon character or toy and would love the duvet cover to match. The problem is that they may grow out of it a year or two down the line. Even so, it is nice to buy kid's duvet covers as a memory of when they were a child.

Bedding sheets that your kids have grown out of can be passed onto younger children or even to a charity shop. Another way to get round of the problem is by choosing a sheet that is a plainer and does not shout 'kid's duvet cover.' Perhaps then they can be used by your child when he or she becomes a teen and beyond.

For young children it's not the best idea to purchase very light colored sheets. Pale bedding sets easily stain from dirt and liquids. Protecting the quilt inside is their main job though. While kid's duvet covers can be affordable to replace, a quality comforter is generally quite expensive.

Although it's simple enough to wash bedding sheets, it's not so for the duvet itself. Kid's duvet covers come in different thread counts ranging from around 100 anywhere up to a thousand. Basically the thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads in a square inch of fabric. Covers with low thread count may feel cheap, look see-through and stain easily.

There is no need to go overboard with thread count however. A good duvet cover will generally have a thread count of 180 or more. Higher thread count typically offers more comfort since they are smoother. More threads per square inch also means a denser sheet which is better at retaining heat. With so manufacturer's producing kid's duvet covers, you can easily find a good bargain. A quality duvet set can set you back anywhere between thirty to a hundred bucks.

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