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Four Killer Reasons Why You Must Get Your Website Talking

Four Killer Reasons Why You Must Get Your Website Talking

Four Killer Reasons Why You Must Website Get Your Website Talking

If you are using your website for information marketing and have a print-only sales-page, you are missing a vital tool.

It is the power of the human voice.

You must add audio, because the human voice is the most effective and powerful form of communication. Hundreds of thousands of radio stations around the world rely on this fact.

The process of giving your website a voice is far simpler than you think, and the results can rocket your sales potential.

Here is why.

The voice delivers personality, feelings, trust and commands attention. The root of that word personality is personal. You also stimulate the creative side of the listeners brain in ways that print and video never can.

First, let us deal with personality. All type fonts are pretty much the same. They convey the words, but are always impersonal. By speaking the same text, and this can be in your own or by using a voice professional, something different happens. The listener gets to know much more about you. You start to form a relationship and this is the key to customer loyalty.

Audio engages the active part of the brain, rather than just the passive. Your brain automatically builds the images that words describe. The process is a natural force that you just cannot stop. Calls to action are much more likely to work when you get to know the person making the offer.

If you believe and trust the person telling you about the product or service, you are more than half way towards closing a sale.

Your voice, brings with it feelings. Just think about telling a friend about a great movie you recently saw. Without even thinking, you applied the full force of persuasion to your graphic description. This is a most convincing sales technique.

If you deliver your words with sincerity you naturally build rapport, this will win the trust of the person hearing your voice. The trick here is just to be you, and not to try to be a Shakespearian actor! Use colloquial everyday language and phrasing.

Pay attention when Im talking to you! You must have heard these words sometime in the past, and the chances are that you are educated to listen when someone is taking to you? It is part of our upbringing. The attention paid to voice is far greater than just print alone.

Here is the big scriptwriting secret. Say it out-loud first and then write it down. Writing the copy first will have you over-concerned about proper grammar and sentence construction. We actually speak in short phrases, not as we write.

There are tons of easy to use software player widgets to add audio to your website. My personal favourite is Audio Razor. For the recording stage you can get a free programme called Audacity online. It allows you record, edit, copy, paste and finesse your product without destroying the original. This is much in the same way as you use a Word document.

One important recommendation is to invest in a decent quality microphone, rather than the cheap and tinny sounding unit built into most laptops or PCs. You want your message to reflect the highest professional and technical standards.

There's some great reading about website audio on Mike Stewart's website. A simple Google search will take you straight to him.

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