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5 Internet Marketing Strategies for Your Success by:Woody Longacre

5 Internet Marketing Strategies for Your Success  by:Woody Longacre

People go into business for themselves all the time for all kinds of different reasons

. Some people get sick of being stuck in an office. Some people prefer to be their own boss. Some people are victims of a down turn in the economy and see it as the perfect opportunity to realize their dreams. While there are many reasons to have your own business, there are also many ways to start a business. One of the easiest and most popular ways is to own and operate a website. In fact, people in record numbers are creating products and offering services over the internet for the first time.

No matter your reason, when you start a website, the first and most important fact you will discover is your site has little to no traffic. It is generally thought by novice internet entrepreneurs that all you need is a good website with a good product or service and you're on your way to instant riches. Well this is somewhat true but the other important ingredient you need for success is "traffic that converts to sales". This is where reality of owning and operating a successful website begins.

Web traffic (potential customers) is the key to your internet success, without targeted traffic your site will not become the financial success you hope for. New websites begin their existence by hanging out at the back of some very long and dark corridors somewhere in cyberspace. No one knows your new site exists, and no matter how hard a cyber-pilot tries, your site will never be known until some extra effort is put forth to give your site a name and place.

To bring your site into the light of cyberspace here are five Internet Marketing Strategies that you can use, must use, to get the valuable web traffic you'll need to be successful.

On Page SEO

SEO is the art of designing a site in a fashion that gives the site an advantage for obtaining free and abundant traffic from search engines. The number one aspect of SEO is selecting keywords relevant to your site. The keywords you select should be based on high usage, low competition and relevancy to your topic. When your site is properly SEO'd you can expect a boost in organic (free) traffic to your site. However don't expect complete success with On Page SEO alone.

Off Page SEO

To complement On Page SEO, an activity that goes hand in hand, is Off Page SEO. This is basically an action to obtain links from other sites. This is a crucial factor for SEO. Links from other sites serve two purposes. 1. Quality links say to the search engines that others think your site is useful so the search engines in turn boost your page ranking, boosting your page ranking results in better free traffic flow to your site. 2. Each link that exists in cyberspace to your site is a direct path to your site. The more links you acquire the higher your traffic flow becomes.


PPC or "Pay Per Click" is a web marketing technique that can quickly and easily generate the flow of targeted traffic to your site. As the name implies (Pay Per Click) is a method that costs money. Most search engines offer PPC programs, the biggest and best respectively are Google, Yahoo and MSN Live Search. While there is a cost to a PPC program there is no better or quicker way to generate traffic. If your site is new, it is wise to begin a PPC program while other free methods of generating traffic are developed. Once other free methods begin to bear traffic, dependency on a PPC program can be reduced or eliminated.

eMail Marketing

As the name implies this is a technique of marketing your site by means of sending emails to potential clients. Your foremost issue with email marketing is that of obtaining a legal and targeted list of email addresses belonging to interested persons. If your site is new you probably don't have a list. No problem however, a list can be bought. Do your homework, make sure a purchased list has valid names and addresses and is targeted to people interested in your product or service.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a technique that involves others in the sale of your product or service. The concept is that you solicit other websites that are relevant to your web business to advertise and drive traffic to your site. Of course to get others to do this there has to be compensation. You will simply share your profit with affiliate sales sites for their effort of sending traffic to your site. While you may not like the idea of splitting your profit, Affiliate Marketing can make you much more successful.

The internet marketing strategies listed above fall way short of complete explanation and detail. For successful implementation of these strategies you are urged to educate yourself completely with each idea. The key to your success is to not stop marketing once your site is active. By continually applying internet marketing effort you will continue to improve the traffic flow to your site and make that dream of instant success a reality!

About the author

This article provided by Woody Longacre. We invite you to visit the Web Hosting Goods Store for Internet Web Design, Web Hosting, and Internet Website Marketing Services.
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5 Internet Marketing Strategies for Your Success by:Woody Longacre