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Five Important CoQ10 Benefits in Cancer Patients

Author: Paul Stephen

Coenzyme Q10 has many interesting benefits; one most thrilling benefit is its capability of treating or as defense for cancer. However, there is no conclusive practical proof for the cause, but there are many hopeful results.

The use of CoQ10 in cancer treatment started in 1961. Scientists in their research found low levels of coenzyme in the blood of cancers of pancreas, prostate, lung, breast, kidney, colon, neck and head, myeloma and lymphoma. Hence, they discovered this coenzyme Q10.

CoQ10 is found to help in better working of the immune system, so it is considered as a supplementary therapy for the cancer treatment. CoQ10 and the like compound are considered to put off the growth of the cancer cells. It also acts as an antioxidant, which is helpful in preventing the development of cancer.

The scientists have studied the structure of the CoQ10 compound and the way it works in the body at the laboratories. The animal studies indeed have proved that the CoQ10 has benefit in boosting the immune system, effective in treating certain types of cancer and fights several infections. The CoQ10 has also proven to safeguard the hearts of animals who were receiving anticancer medications like doxorubicin that may cause injuries to the heart muscles. Most exciting of all these is the fact that laboratory and animal studies have proven that the CoQ10 may stop the growth of cancer cells.

Lots of researches and studies of using CoQ10 are still going on, and they are returning hopeful results. Five important COQ10 benefits in cancer patients are mentioned below:

Co enzyme Q10 has the capacity of protecting the cancer patient's heart from doxorubicin as per the small laboratory studies.

There was a study conducted on around 32 breast cancer patients, among them six patients showed up that the signs and symptoms of the cancer were diminished. Report of the researchers said that the patients used less painful medicines, but faced no problem in terms of losing weight or any pain in the course of the treatment with coenzyme Q10.

Two patients had undergone surgery for the cancer then they were taken for the study under high doses of CoQ10 for about 3-4 months. After this treatment with high doses, both patients were noted to be completely cured from the cancer.

Some breast cancer patients whose disease had spread to other organs were taken for the study. They were given high doses of co enzyme Q10 for about 5 years. The results were found positive again.

Patients who were receiving radiation therapy or the chemotherapy for the cancer of prostate, rectum, pancreas, colon and lung were also tested with the use of co enzyme Q10. However, the patients were cured of the disease and lived a long life.

Although all the studies show benefits of CoQ10 in the cancer patients, National Cancer Institute (NCI) pressurizes that it is very important to check the drug with health care providers to validate if the drug can be taken along with other medications.About the Author:

Quick Recap: COQ10 Benefits in Cancer Patients are: It has the capacity of protecting the cancer patient's heart. Symptoms of the breast cancer were diminished with the use of Coenzyme Q10 Supplements. High dosage for the cancer patients have been cured with the Benefits of CoQ10 usage.
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