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Financial Freedom In Today's Economy

Financial Freedom In Today's Economy

In a nation with constitutionally guaranteed civil rights

, we find it difficult to imagine that one day our freedoms could be taken away by our government. Yet many others and myself look at what was witnessed in Germany, Poland, and the occupied territories during World War II.

Initially there was a gradual and then ultimately a total erasure of civil and then economic rights. By 1945 when the war ended millions had died, millions more, lucky enough to survive, were refugees who lost everything, property, homes, and families.

Some when this turmoil began in the 1930's were smart enough to realize early on what was happening. Some planned accordingly and escaped with their lives and fortunes. They got out before asset confiscation, currency controls, and financial restrictions were clamped down in their own home country.

I don't mean to belittle the heroic sacrifices of those who lived and died in that era. Nor do I want to overstate the seriousness of the current situation in our country. But I believe sovereign individuals have to accept the fact that our rights and liberties are currently under attack by our own government.

Equally alarming is the perilous economic state of our country and government as well. Facing a $2 trillion deficit this year 2010, and a $12 trillion national debt, and a declining dollar the president calls for more and bigger programs for healthcare, and just about everything else. This is all enough to make your hair hurt.

We need to get out of that corporate nightmare we fight every day and stay at home, all the while we are making great money, we have a secure economic future, and we set our own schedule setting plenty of time for wife and kids. And no time for fighting corporate political battles and running for airplanes, if this sounds to good to be true, believe me when I say it is not.

When we trained and got educated to go into corporate American we were convinced that this was an invironment that could and would provide a financially secure career where if we worked hard, did our job, and got along with our fellow workers we would work our way up the corporate ladder and finally wind up with more financial freedom than we ever dreamed possible.

Then the bottom falls out. The economy goes south and we find ourselves with out a job, and not much of a 401k to retire on. When it looks like all is lost, search for your entreprenurial jucies and they will flow !

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