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Few Tips On Getting Personalised Water Bottle Labels

Few Tips On Getting Personalised Water Bottle Labels

Water bottles are used to store drinking water

. They are affordable as well as easy to obtain. Creativity can be expressed by making use of personalised label. The following decisions need to be taken before personalising these labels:

Theme and design

Size of label and bottle

Number of labels required
Few Tips On Getting Personalised Water Bottle Labels

When are they needed


These labels can be made by ones own self and there are also a number of firms who can address these requirements.

The personalised labels can be created by a small group of individuals. Let us now have a look at the steps that need to be sought help of in order to create labels:

1.Get hold of things that may be required in order to create labels. They can be as varied as water bottles, designing software, waterproof label and a printer.

2.The next step involves designing of the label. Graphic design software needs to be opened in this case. A page size needs to be opened next of the size of label that is to be used. The label can be designed according to need. For example, labels are designed, keeping in mind whether they are to be used in a party or business function. In case text needs to be a part of the label, make sure that there is enough space around text in order to make it clearly readable. Create the right design and choose colours appropriately. For birthday parties of children, cartoons can be used with bright colours and cute font. For business function, light colours, simple font and design is better used.

3.As soon as a satisfying design is acquired, it is time to get it printed. Laser or inkjet printers are better used in this case.

4.As soon as the label is ready, they can be used on bottles. Remove plastic from back of label and hold it at both ends. Someone can be asked to hold the bottle at both ends. Now stick one end and ask person holding the bottle to roll it slowly. Follow it up with smoothing the label and make sure that there are no air gap between label and surface of bottle. Thus the very first personalised water bottle label has been created.

Now let us have a look at some useful tips:

In order to create handmade personalised water bottle labels, draw the design on paper and make use of it in the form of a label.

In case there are no waterproof labels with self adhesive back, the label can be placed on bottle, and followed up by covering it with transparent sticky tape.

It is possible to acquire customised labels by using these tips.

In case a large number of labels need to be placed on water bottles, that too, in little time, it is better to acquire help of a firm. Carefully decide upon service according to need. There are a number of firms who can aptly meet a series of essentials like pasting labels on bottle to delivering them at doorstep. Regardless of the type of service, make sure that the labels are apt at addressing the occasion.

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