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Feel Like A Celebrity By Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Flip through any celebrity magazine and you will notice one thing about every star you see...they all have white teeth

. You may think they paid thousands of dollars to get those pearly whites but most probably just used a teeth whitening kit they bought at the store. There are hundreds of different brands of whitening kits that are both inexpensive and effective. Deciding which one to choose is the hard part. But there is an easy way. Dont go by the brand name, just go by the ingredients listed in the product. If the teeth whitening product has a peroxide percentage of 10% or more, you are on the right track. The amount of peroxide that is in the product is what is going to get your teeth whiter, not the name brand of the product so dont be fooled. Some may think that a whitening kit that costs more will work better but that is not necessarily true. You are simply paying more for the name.

You can get whitening kits practically anywhere. Even the dentist office. The dentist can give you specific instructions on how to use the kit. If you purchase a kit over the counter, you will have to read the directions on the box very carefully. Using the product too long or too often may do more damage than good. Your teeth will become extra sensitive to hot or cold food and drinks if you have used too much of the teeth whitening gel. That is why its important to follow the directions carefully.

Whitening kits are not the only way to get whiter teeth. There are also toothpastes, strips, teeth whitening gel and mouthwashes that can help whiten your teeth over time. They may take longer than the whitening kits but they are definitely cheaper and less harsh on your teeth.

Whatever method you choose to get a whiter smile, do some research on it. There are many websites online that can help you choose which teeth whitening method will be best for you. You can also read user reviews and tips on getting whiter teeth. By searching online, you may also be able to find some really good prices. Just make sure you look for a product with a hydrogen or carbamide peroxide.

And once you have whitened your teeth, make sure you keep them white by avoiding coffee, tea and wine. These are the drinks that will stain your teeth the most. If you want to have them on occasion, just make sure you brush immediately afterwards. If you cant brush, at least rinse out your mouth with water.

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Feel Like A Celebrity By Getting Your Teeth Whitened