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Fathers Need their Children Too

Fathers Need their Children Too

Fathers Need their Children Too

Despite the nobility of the law, it cannot be disputed that in any disagreement, there is a side that receives the lesser justice.' The law will always try to treat all parties fairly, but it is the context in which some of the laws are crafted that may produce the seeming inequality of a decision against one of the parties. This is sometimes observed in divorce proceedings in which many decisions are often given in favor of the female spouse.

The bias seems to stem from the assumptions used as a basis of the decision. There was a time when taking care of the children was the sole responsibility of the mother while being the breadwinner was the responsibility of the father. When this was the predominant situation in society, it was only natural in a divorce to place the responsibility to the party capable of supplying such responsibility. In the case of a divorce, it was natural for the mother to take custody of the children and continue to care for them and for the father to supply the support needed by the children as he is the one earning the money.

But times have changed. Women are now actively participating in the work force, effectively taking time off their schedules in taking care of the children. There's been a change in men's attitude as well, with many opting for shared responsibilities in taking care of their children. A progressive area, such as Los Angeles in California, is one place where such changes in parenting have taken place.

Divorce in a place such as California requires the expertise of a lawyer. A good family law attorney Los Angeles can adequately argue the conditions of a client to result in a decision that would be fair not just to the divorcing spouses but also to their children.

A family law attorney Los Angeles can forward the special qualifications of a client to a court so as to prove to be more of an advantage to the result of the divorce.

While it may be argued that in a divorce proceeding, it is the contracting parties, or the spouses, that are the main focus, a family law attorney Los Angeles can argue for the best deal for the party that will really be the most affected in the divorce: the children. guest:  register | login | search     IP( Illinois / Chicago Processed in 0.017234 second(s), 6 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 12 , 2291, 976,
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