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Father's Custody Rights - Winning Child Custody For Dads

Father's Custody Rights - Winning Child Custody For Dads

Some judges believe that a child should always be with its mother and this is even more common when the child is a girl or preteen.

If you do not fight hard for gaining custody, there is a great chance that you could be downgraded to only seeing your children at weekends, or worse, once a month.

Some fathers are under the impression that if you allow the mother to gain full custody first time round, that they can come back in a year or two and apply for joint custody, but this rarely ever works.

Usually, your chances of custody decrease with the number of rounds in the battle. Generally, courts will not interfere with a custody agreement once it had been settled on, for fear of upsetting the child or children.

It is essential that fathers establish themselves before gaining custody. Once you lose custody, you risk not having an active role in your child's life. Giving control to your ex-wife can be dangerous if the divorce was messy, as there have been cases where mothers have turned their children against their father.

Your ex-wife will control all aspects of the child's life that a father should have the right to make decisions on.

When it comes to gaining custody as a result of a divorce, and battling for the best interest of your kids, you have to be willing to fight. There is no room for half measures.

Choose a lawyer who specializes in the subject and educate yourself.

Knowledge is power. Know how you can offer a stable environment, and be able to voice this clearly and rationally. Be ready for things to turn ugly, because it often does.

Being outraged at "the unfair justice system" and "your vindictive ex-wife" will get you nowhere. You have to be willing to give, but be ready to fight.

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by: Gorryterry
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Father's Custody Rights - Winning Child Custody For Dads Islamabad