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Family Comes First With Health Insurance

Family Comes First With Health Insurance

Health Insurance is the one policy that everyone needs and yet we have millions of uninsured people in our country

. Costs are rising so rapidly that a large portion of our population is unable to afford the premiums, even though they know very well that their families need this insurance.

Most people are able to receive a decent insurance policy that covers the entire family through their employer, but times are changing and it might even be more cost effective to you and your family if you obtain your insurance needs privately. It may save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Now that the national economy is struggling and people are getting laid off and losing their insurance everywhere, it is time to look into backup plans. The government offers insurance called COBRA (consolidated omnibus budget reduction act), but it costs money that is not likely to be pouring into your house during a time of unemployment.

The problem is that the unemployed person and their family must then pay the full premium for their health insurance at a time when their income has been slashed. This is extremely difficult for many, so they often allow their health insurance policies to lapse as a means of saving money for food and shelter.

Both employers and individuals are turning to high-deductible policies as a means of providing health insurance at a lower premium. Although these policies will not provide help in paying for doctor visits and medication, etc., they could possibly help you avoid bankruptcy in the future should a serious health problem occur with a family member.

Many states are offering programs to provide health insurance for children free of charge or at a reasonable premium. Every uninsured parent or even middle class working parent should investigate if this is available in his or her state and, if so, obtain coverage for his or her children. This type of program goes under a variety of names in different states but most states provide information regarding this option through their local Medicaid office. The government also offers Medicare and Medicaid assistance to everyone who meets the eligibility requirements.

All in all there are a variety of different health care options available to those in need of health insurance. The trickiest part is locating a health insurance policy that will meet both your needs and your budget requirements.

by: Ethan Kalvin
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