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Expert Mexico Dentists Give American Dental Travelers Something To Smile About

Since Americans started crossing the border to get lower cost dental care from Mexico dentists

, the rate of Mexico dental travel has grown. In recent months, news outlets including Slate News, Reuters, and the New York Times have reported about the trend of Americans seeking Mexico dentists, describing the excellent standard of care available south of the border and the benefits Mexico dental travel has brought to the people who take advantage of it.

Families Going Abroad For Mexico Dentists

One of the newest developments in Mexico dental travel is the family vacation. The entire family takes a trip to Mexico, enjoys the amenities of a resort (many timeshare resorts offer suites at special week-long rates for dental travelers) while also returning for repeat appointments with a Mexico dentist. Many uninsured or underinsured families are able to take care of their dental needs, capitalizing on the ability to get quality work at a lower cost across the border. Mexico dentists are able to perform the same procedures and offer the same results for family, cosmetic, general and restorative dentistry, but at a much lower price than their American counterparts.

Mexico Dental Travel

Of course, it's not only families who can benefit from visiting Mexican dentists. Many uninsured men and women use Mexico dental travel to seek dentists who offer fees much lower than those charged in the U.S. In particular, U.S. Senior citizens on Medicare - which provides no dental coverage - , are attracted to the low prices.

The quality of care received is typically described as equaling or surpassing what would be expected from a U.S. dentist. Quality Mexico dentists have the same skills and experience as their U.S. counterparts, but are able to offer lower prices given significant economic differences vs. the U.S.

Lower Costs Across The Border

The lower cost of dental care in Mexico is primarily due to the lower cost of living in Mexico. Real estate is cheaper, as is equipment, malpractice insurance, wages, construction and most other daily expenses. As a result, Mexico dentists have less overhead than their American counterparts, and are able to pass the savings on to those who take advantage of Mexico dental travel.

Many Mexican dentists near the border cities of Texas, California and Arizona have trained in U.S. dental schools and have worked for decades with thousands of American 'dental tourists' who regularly cross the border for their general, restorative, cosmetic and even holistic dental care.

Companies Get Wise To The Savings

In another new step, many U.S. employers are beginning to realize the savings that Mexico dental travel can provide. Instead of offering conventional health insurance, many organizations are starting to provide plans that allow employees to obtain benefits for choosing Mexico dentists, completely changing the dynamic of the insurance that they offer. Dental travel is being considered in an ever increasing number of insurance plans, employee self-pay plans and other programs. Now more than ever, companies are recognizing the cost savings for dental treatment across the border. Mexico dental travel is becoming an increasingly popular insurance option even in somewhat further away places, such as the Northeast, New England, and Canada.

Getting The Best Dental Travel Packages

Whether or not your company is offering dental travel insurance packages, you'll find significant savings on procedures, even as a private citizen. However, to get the best value and ensure you find the best quality dentists, consider working with a company that specializes in dental travel. Quality companies will only offer exceptional dentists, aiding in your choice. With the right preparation, your experience with the dentist of your choice will be successful and worth every penny.

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Expert Mexico Dentists Give American Dental Travelers Something To Smile About