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Essentials of Email Marketing by:Khurram Zaveri

Essentials of Email Marketing by:Khurram Zaveri

Many important elements should be part of your bulk email marketing campaigns

. They are essential and can make your marketing campaigns more effective.

Don't send unsolicited email to your unwilling recipients as they hurt your brand image & reputation. You should collect email addresses legally through your website and send email with the recipients' consent.

You should get a unique IP address from your ISP. Your ISP may block your email address if overload their servers with too many outgoing emails.

You should clean your email address list by removing duplicate, expired, invalid and incorrect email addresses.

You may need to use authentication to block spammers. There are many technologies available and you should know the one used by your ISP.

HTML emails having pictures, colors and links look different in different email clients. Test them well before sending them out.

It is a good practice to respect recipients' privacy. You should also avoid legal and ethical problems with bulk email marketing.

You should provide your recipients what they want or they would lose interest in your brand. Hence, focus on the demands of your email readers.

You should provide links in your email messages to manage contacts, information and unsubscription process of your email readers.

You should test different variables within bulk email marketing campaigns to know which is working effectively.

You should make segments of your email list to focus on specific areas for better results.

You should select a proper design and format for your email message. Improper design and format may reduce the efficacy of your campaign exponentially. Your readers will move on to other brands and service providers.

You should deliver value through your message by providing relevant information from credible sources.

It is a good strategy to grow your email list but the quality of your email contact list is more important than its size so focus on getting quality leads.

You should set your eyes on the goal instead of the path or process. It is recommended to continue your marketing campaign slowly and steadily to get effective results quickly.

It is considered that bulk email marketing is cost effective and several companies are in the business of providing powerful email marketing solutions. You should select one which fulfills your needs.

You should have complete knowledge of email marketing laws, rules and regulations to avoid breaking the law.

About the author

Khurram Zaveri is a well known newsletter software expert. He is the creator of Spryka Email Charger, a popular email newsletter software.

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