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Ensquared Iphone And Ipad Insurance Ramps

Ensquared Iphone And Ipad Insurance Ramps

Ensquared the #1 Authority on cell phone insurance sees a paradigm change in the

cell phone and tablet business.The cell phone market may look mature and staid, but the shifting of segments is giving the Key Players major rewards (i.e. Apple) or serious nightmares (i.e. Nokia, RIMM). This has implications for cell phone insurance the devices that the users want to protect from Lost & Stolen, Accidental Damage and Mechanical Failure.

Apple is a tone-setter: The second quarter of 2012 pre-financial report showed the controversy surrounding Apple. The share price, after a 50% climb in the preceding 4 months, whipsawed up and down on speculation that Apple performance is too good to be true. Key deflectors were as follows:

Samsung, riding the Google Android platform, showed huge phone growth (reflected in Ensquared results for cell phone insurance). Galaxy Nexus phone insurance has been galloping up every month.

Reports from AT&T and Verizon showed them pushing Android and phasing out iPhone subsidies.

iPhone sales were rumored to be under estimates at these carriers and margins were falling.

On the day before the earnings the Apple share price was around $558 13% off the recent highs of around $644.

After the results:

iPhone sales beat predictions easily.

Margins were substantially higher than predicted.

No single Android brand, although growing strongly, could catch iPhone or match its margins.

The losers are Nokia and RIMM.

The iPhone brand is soaring above all competitors. Consumers buy into superior, integrated Apps, and are prepared to pay a premium for this. Android devices as second fiddle are in that very position because, versus Apple, they offer irregular updates and diverse hardware, thus creating inconsistent Apps that are regarded as being inferior . iPad and iPhone are two trail-blazers blasting all competition out of the way.

Also Apple currently holds over $110 billion of near cash and cash securities over $100 per share. Whatever they do with their money it is sure to include a big dollar number for R&D to stay ahead of their competitors. They will also continue to put Samsung and others on the wrong foot by piling on court cases to protect their patents.

Apple has extended their influence right through the chain of distribution to include arguably the best retailing platform seen in any arena. Again, this creates latitude to increase margins by cutting out the middle-man.

Finally China: This market is upwardly mobile and the iPhone and iPad Insurance are at the cutting edge of Chinese status symbols. Even just 5% of the population is a target slightly smaller than the entire USA. This explains why AT&T and Verizon counter-actions will be supplanted by even small Chinese strides.

Ensquared insures all Smartphone devices and iPads. Cell phone insurance is going to become a bigger factor as consumers move away from buying from the carriers to acquire their own unlocked Smartphones. Ensquared has found a surge in Smartphone insurance, in keeping with the device war that rages around it.

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