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Engine pulleys for greater horse power by:Louie Liu

Engine pulleys for greater horse power by:Louie Liu

Have you ever seen a high jumper that is short and fat

? I guess not. That is because by being short the center of gravity is low. That means the short high jumper has to move the center of gravity by a larger vertical distance than a tall jumper. And by being fat the jumper has to move a larger weight than the thin jumper. Clearly if a person is not suitable for a task more energy gets consumed and efficiency is compromised.

It may surprise you to know that the highly researched and developed cars still have some components that take a up a large amount of engine power. For example engine pulleys. These are the pulleys around which belts of the car run. As you can imagine these pulleys rotate at a very high rpm and rotating them thus takes up a lot of engine power.

Now if the same pulleys were made lighter then the power required to rotate them would reduce considerably. And power saved is power gained. Therefore lighter pulleys will help improve the performance of your car. Of course pulleys have to withstand significant stresses so the light weight pulleys are made of special material which is very light and yet very strong.

They are available for most car makes and models and you should be able to find one that fits in your car. You should remember that engine pulleys are precision engineered products and if you buy a sub standard pulley it can adversely affect the performance and reliability of your car. A sub standard pulley can damage the belt that runs over it.
Engine pulleys for greater horse power by:Louie Liu

Therefore you should take care to buy light weight pulleys of the highest quality and get them installed by professionals.

If you think car aftermarket products only include well known ones like car body kits, thing again. Products like engine pulleys are an elegant way to improve your car performance. In combination with other performance enhancing products such as performance headers and cold air intakes you can considerably improve the performance of your car. You can find the latest car aftermarket products at

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