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Effective Pond Algae Treatment

Effective Pond Algae Treatment

A pond, whether it be a fish pond or just an ornamental one will not be complete with the invasion of pond algae one way or the other. This quandary has been a part of pond keeping ever since the world begun. Due to this, there are a lot of treatments being created in order to get rid of these pond parasites.

Although considered as pond scroungers because of the fact that algae consume the nutrients that are supposed to be for fish and plants only, algae are still needed in order to maintain the balance of the ecosystem in the pond. A tolerable quantity of algae present in a certain pond will contribute to the equilibrium of the whole water system.

Because of this, the pond algae treatment that are available in the market are actually made in order to control the excessive growth of algae. So do not expect that the treatment that you just bought will be able to kill every alga in existence in your pond because it just won't. There are a few chemical treatments available and these treatments are no doubt created to totally eliminate algae in ponds. That is if you really desire to meddle with the natural balance of your pond. Keep in mind that chemical pond treatments will not only kill algae but can also affect the health of the fish and plants in the pond.

We all know that algae grow abundantly in areas where there is water. However it is important to know that it is not only the water that fuels up algae. In a certain area of the pond where the sunlight strikes abundantly is where algae start to grow. Aside from the sunlight, there is also the waste produced by the fish in the pond. These wastes release nutrients that activate algae growth even more.

There are few measures needed to be taken in order to prevent algae from continuously overtaking the pond. Aside from the treatments readily available, you can also do simple things for your pond. These include the avoidance of over feeding the fish in the pond. Through the over fed fish, more wastes are produced. And if more wastes are present in the pond, more nutrients will be consumed by algae thus quick reproduction.

One of the most essential skills that a pond owner must know is how to regularly change the water in he pond. This is very important in order to keep the water quality to a high level and at the same time, prevent wastes from continuously accumulating. The pond water can at least be replaced once in a year.

As mentioned earlier, the sunlight that hits and enters the pond aids the rapid growth of algae. Therefore it should be controlled or at least put to a minimum level. If in case your pond has been put in an area in the garden where there isn't enough shade, try to at least dye the pond water darker to help prevent sunlight from penetrating the pond.

Using pond treatments can also be good most especially if you do not have the time to do the things mentioned above. However if you will resort to the use of chemical pond treatments, be sure that you are aware of the consequences and of course, you should know how to apply these treatments. guest:  register | login | search     IP( / Processed in 0.017147 second(s), 5 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 22 , 3219, 301,
Effective Pond Algae Treatment