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Ebay Selling Tips For A Profitable Home Business

Ebay Selling Tips For A Profitable Home Business

Tip #1 - Creating effective listing titles

The first item of importance in this list of eBay selling tips is creating a "smart" item title. I'm amazed at how many eBay sellers don't realize how important a good title is.

You may have the smallest price, the best shipping, and the most lovely outline in the world, and it will not matter if nobody can find your listing. This makes making a good title one of the most vital eBay selling tips. The majority of purchasers search only by keywords, so it's vital that you pack your title as full of favored, important keywords as you can.

Try and use as many of the fifty five allocated characters as practical. To figure out which keywords to incorporate, pretend you are a customer attempting to find that item. What would you type into a search field? Would you type in "WOW", "LK", or "$$$"? Likely not, so don't include those terms in your title.

Once you've come up with some great keywords for your title, here are other important considerations:

* Separate each keyword in your title with just a space.

* Avoid punctuation unless totally mandatory.

* Avoid any other special characters ( *, $, &, %,, - ), as they can confuse eBay's search system and stop your listing from appearing correctly in search results. Many of those characters are sophisticated Boolean search commands, which could affect the search results, so it is better to keep clear of them. Furthermore, few consumers include special characters in their keyword searches, so using them can stop your listing from appearing in search results.

* Capitalize the first letter of every word -- after all, this is a proper TITLE.

* Look at other listings for your product. If most of them use lower-case letters, or a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, use all caps for your title, and vice-versa. That will make your title stand out in the search results.

* Your title does not have to be familiar, clever, or maybe grammatically correct. The best titles are long strings of popular, important keywords.

Tip #2 - Appearance Matters

Another critical addition to an inventory of eBay selling tips is that appearance matters. To form a successful listing, factors like pricing, shipping cost, and title are crucial. But you also can't get away with unfinished, random, or unprofessional-looking outlines. Your outline could be what separates your listing from all the others with similar costs, and could make the difference in whether you've a successful sale.

An eBay listing is an advertisement, pure and simple. An item description that is too short, poorly-written, tooplain, or otherwise unattractive, can do nothing to help you sell the item, but only hurt your chances of selling it successfully.

Tip #3 - How To Be Original

Leading into the next important item in this list of eBay Selling Tips, although eBay has made some effort to provide sellers with visual "helps" like Listing Designer and Store Themes, these have been so widely-used that most of them are now so common, they often seem trite and unoriginal.

One of the best things you can do in order to make your listings and / or eBay store stand out from the majority is to avoid using eBay's default features. There are plenty of alternatives available, and a lot of them are quite as easy to utilise and implement.

One idea is to make your own template using Photobucket. This is how:

Step 1. First take photos of your item. Make certain to take enough photographs to give a likely purchaser all the info they need.

Step 2. Upload the photos to Photobucket is a free way to host your photographs.

Why should you host them yourself? It permits you to add unlimited photographs to your auctions, with no added cost.

Step 3. After uploading your photos on Photobucket, open a new tab on your browser ( ctr.t ) it's time to get a free template for the sale.

Step 4. Go to the sale Template Resource Center. In this location you will find auction templates for free.

Step 5. Take a look around this site. Find the templates that work for you. The templates go from straightforward, to more convoluted re modifying HTML.

Step 6. When you have picked your template, add the image URLS from Photobucket. Copy the HTML code and open a new tab for eBay.

Step 7. On eBay, sign in and push the tab "Sell my item". After picking your class and title, head down to where it says "Describe your item". Push the HTML tab, and cut'n'paste your code you made on your template page.

WAMO! You have just made a pro auction without spending a cent. And also, you may use this template for other auctions, just by changing the photographs.

Ok, time for a pot of tea... I trust you have found these eBay selling tips valuable...

by: Jack Goldstein.
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