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Effective Ways To Lower Electricity Bills.

Effective Ways To Lower Electricity Bills.

If you are one of the many housekeepers or business managers who are already feeling

the toll of sky rocketing bills due to high electric consumption, then you probably are looking for effective steps to lower electricity bills. There are several ways to lower utility bills but the most effective ones are those that can significantly bring your bills down without harming your appliances or those that employ natural methods and those that require a minimal amount just to obtain the energy saving device. It would also be better if the apparatus can contribute in minimizing carbon emission and green house effect by installing such device. Not only are you able to lower utility bills, you will also be able to contribute to the numerous efforts being conducted to save the environment.

If you want to lower electricity bills, do things manually. Instead of using electric dishwashers, make dishwashing a light household chore for everyone by taking turns in cleaning the dishes. Make a list on who will do the dishes after breakfast, dinner, and supper and stick the list on the fridge?s door. An electric dishwasher normally consumes 4 units of electricity per use. Imagine how it would considerably lower utility bills if you would do the dishwashing manually. If you cannot do the dishes manually, you should at least fill the dishwasher before using it. This is because the amount of electricity consumed by a dishwasher whether it is full or not is practically the same.

You can also lower electricity bills by choosing energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps or CFL instead of the typical incandescent lamps. A CFL can light up an area better than an incandescent lamp with lower energy consumption. The truth is that a 23-watt CFL can emit the same light emitted by a 100-watt incandescent lamp. Compact fluorescent bulbs are also proven to last 10 times longer than the standard incandescent bulb.

When pulling down your energy consumption, even the simple acts can make a difference. To lower utility bills, unplug your appliances when not in use because the seemingly innocent standby power actually consumes 75 percent of the total energy consumption of your home and office electrical devices. Also, make it a point to turn off the lights or electric appliances when not in use. The usual appliances left open even when no one is using are personal computers, air conditioners, televisions, and electric fans.

A lot of tips and methods can be used to lower electricity bills but if you want to slash a sizeable amount in your power bills, install a KVAR energy controller or other similar electricity saving devices in your electrical appliances. These power saving equipments do more than help save your hard-earned money, they also help in slowing down the eventual deterioration of your home appliances. To save even more and to give you that peace of mind even if you are away from your home, get an electricity-saving device that has the capacity to protect your home. These devices control power surges, act on fluctuating power supply, and prevent short circuits brought by loose or poor electrical wirings.

by: adair sawyer
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