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Author: Ernie Fitzpatrick

Both the Drudge Report and C-Span are taking it to the president over opening up the healthcare discussions to the LIGHT of day! This is not going to go away and in fact, it's going to get hotter and hotter for the President. How can he deny what Drudge and C-Span call the EIGHT LIES of Obama (on just healthcare)? Check them out- Is there any wonder Obama has gone GREY (not GREEN) in his hair color in less than one year. Oh how all of those campaign promises come back to haunt us. Democrats, meeting in Washington, are said to be considering bypassing a formal conference committee in resolving health care legislation. Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, There has never been a more open process and we will take the route that gets the job done. C?SPAN recently sent a letter to congressional leaders asking that the discussions be open to cameras. Open? Come on Nancy, get real! Remember, you have to run for reelection this year and you do have some serious competition! On Wednesday, December 30th, 2009, C-SPAN sent a letter to the Democratic and Republican leaders of the House and Senate requesting that final negotiations on the health care legislation be open to C-SPAN cameras, as it is legislation that affects every American. Throughout its 30-plus year history, C-SPAN has pushed for greater public access to the public policy process, requesting more television coverage of the House and Senate, of the Supreme Court and even the media. Samples of earlier correspondence on camera access are listed below. The ball is now squarely in Obama's court, and Nancy-Harry too! :-)About the Author:

As a spiritual-futurist, I have a BA degree majoring in history. One cannot know the future without knowing the past which holds clues to what is on the horizon. The world is in such a rapid expansion of knowledge that we are close to entering a tipping point that will forever change earth as we know it.Article Source: - Drudge & C-Span guest:  register | login | search     IP( Virginia / Ashburn Processed in 0.022230 second(s), 6 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 4 , 2470, 960,
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