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Dr. Mercola Review - Who Is Dr Mercola? Autor Of The Total Health Breakthrough

Dr. Mercola Review - Who Is Dr Mercola? Autor Of The Total Health Breakthrough

Dr. Mercola Review - Who Is Dr Mercola? Autor Of The Total Health Breakthrough

Dr. Mercola is the author of the controversial book The Total Health Breakthrough and is known to practice some rather extreme forms of alternative medicine when it comes to health and dieting. He is a vocal opponent of many vaccinations and also of the Food and Drug Administration. In their turn, the FDA have issued warnings for violations regarding marketing practices when it comes to nutritional products, many of which Dr. Mercola sells on his website Total Health Breakthrough.

Dr. Mercola does encourage improved health (though there is some disagreement over whether or not his diet is actually safe) through diet, and he recommends very specific foods and combinations of food in order to achieve the result of a healthier lifestyle. While he criticizes many drugs that are put out by popular drug manufacturers he is also quick to promote certain dietary supplements. Among those supplements are Vitamins D and K, probiotics, krill oil, fish oil, and anti-oxidant supplements.

List of IngredientsDr. Mercola Review - Who Is Dr Mercola? Autor Of The Total Health Breakthrough

This is a diet plan that encourages the use of many supplements. Specifically, unprocessed, unrefined or non-homogonized foods that are believed to be beneficial to overall health, exercise, Omega-3 fats, fish oils. Dr. Mercola also recomends drinking filtered water in addition to mental health and emotional release exercises.

Product Features

Dr. Mercola is an enthusiastic supporter of alternative medicine and treatment options. Some of the techniques he embraces include acupressure, naturapathy, metabolic typing, and Traditional Chinese medicine. He maintains that the medical industry is flawed and has strayed from its intended path as a result of "contamination by the pharmaceutical industry." Mercola's fans claimt hat he has a good deal of support in these claims. It's worth pointing out that you do not have to subscribe to the entire package in order to derive benefits from some of what Dr. Mercola has to offer. Total Health Breakthrough


Encourages personal responsibility.

Promotes healthy living, physical activity, mental and spiritual well-being.

Provides a complete weight loss solution rather than only addressing one issue.


Encourages the elimination of all grains and in some people this could be nutritionally harmful.

Dr. Mercola has been warned about advertising practices by the FDA.

A highly controversial approach to medicine and health.

Dr. Mercola has been dismissive of many traditional health concerns that may lead to serious consequences.

This diet could be difficult for some users to follow, since it involves cutting out staple foods.

Generally, this is more of a holistic health regimen than a diet specifically devised for weight loss. Dr. Mercola Review - Who Is Dr Mercola? Autor Of The Total Health Breakthrough


Dr. Mercola is viewed by many as a paragon of virtue and by others as a textbook snake oil salesman. You will need to decide for yourself if his off-the-wall approach to health and diet is something you want to consider when your life and health are on the line. He offers some advice that is quite sound and seems very scientifically reasoned, and other advice and guidance that may seem to come from pretty far in left field.

You do not have to take an all or nothing' approach to the diet plan that Dr. Mercola presents. This means that you can introduce the positive aspects of his plan: exercise, sleep, emotional release, and even some of his dietary suggestions without giving up all grains and accepting the potential health risks that may result from this sacrifice, or turning your back completely on modern medicine. If you decide to see how Dr. Mercola can assist you in your dietary needs we recommend that you proceed with caution.

Total Health Breakthrough
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