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Dont be a bad teenage mum !get a grip then you can keep your baby

Dont be a bad teenage mum !get a grip then you can keep your baby

Dont be a bad teenage mum !get a grip then you can keep your baby

Lets get cracking on this important topic parenting a newborn the bad way.Aimed at teen mums but anyone struggling with baby care can learn something new here today WHAT NOT TO DO!. read on.

Top 8mistakes, howyour care towards your baby can detemine ifyou are heading in the direction of becoming abad mum !

WARNING ! This is Bad parenting aimed at teen mums whostruggle to cope with a baby or are thinking of getting pregnant because it sounds the cool thing to do.Dont be a bad teenage mum !get a grip then you can keep your baby

1. leaving a newborn baby in a bath full of water alone.RESULT DEATH OF A BABY

2. Getting drunk with your mates whilst baby is alseep upstairs.IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR A BABY OR MINOR WHEN DRUNK.

3. Giving a baby loads or extra calpol so you can have a good nights sleep through.BABIES SHOULD ONLY BE GIVEN CALPOL IF THEY ARE OLD ENOUGH.FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BOX NEVER GIVE MORE THAN THE STATED DOSE IN 24 HOURS.DO NOT USE CALPOL AS A METHOD TO GET BABY TO SLEEP except when baby is really poorly.

4.leaving baby in car seat,on the kitchen worktopnext to the cooker whilst cooking hot food.NEVER LEAVE A BABY ON A HIGH SURFACE.FALLS KILL! the heat of the cooker can cause baby can become overheated and die.

5.leaving baby alone in the house whilst you nip to the shops for cigarettes.IT is against the law to leave a baby or young child no matter what age alone.Fires can kill too should one happen if you are out.

6.leaving baby with a 9 year old so you can go to the youth club or out clubbingwith your friends just so you don't get tied down and there was no one else handy.Foget it your child needs to be looked after by a responcible adult.

7.Going to bed and leavingthe 3 week oldbaby screaming so you can get a good nights sleep.Good parenting means looking outfor number one first! your baby it needs you to eat drink and be cared for it cannot walk make its own milk, warm it, change its own nappy so be realistic what ever you need ie food, drink, clean clothes, warmth,love then so does your baby first before anything else.

8.Your mum had baby over night so you pick baby up the day after and rush out, grab the baby bag and pram so you can catch upto go shooping with your mates.Important facts you forgot to ask your mum when did baby had a bottle last?nappy change when?how baby has been over night?. How will you know when the next feed is due you need to know this type of information.

more articles on parenting to follow
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