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Don't Bath Your Children Unless Water Is Filtered: For Moms & Families

Don't Bath Your Children Unless Water Is Filtered: For Moms & Families

But our water supply is severely polluted. We know there are substances such as chlorine, chloramines, lead, endocrine disruptors, phthalates, BPA, and numerous other pollutants in our water that have a hand in everything from dry skin and asthma to diseases like cancer, hypothyroidism, and neurological issues.In fact, there are at least 1,000 pollutants in our water supply and only 91 of them are regulated.

What does this mean for you and your family?

It means we all have to step it up a notch.We have to take responsibility for our own health.

In October 2009, Dr. Mehmet Oz (known simply as "Dr. Oz"), the nationally recognized physician and author, began sharing his knowledge on water supply issues and water filtration in segments on his show. "What people don't recognize, and this is perhaps the most important thing I'm going to say don't recognize you have a problem here, which is the water we bathe in and shower in. I will tell moms right now...I don't think you should be bathing your kids in the tub unless you know that water is clean. [...] All those chemical get absorbed through the skin, and therefore your child has been contaminated..."Don't Bath Your Children Unless Water Is Filtered: For Moms & Families

The segments are a great primer on water reports, pollution, and water filtration systems. Dr. Oz has done a great job of demystifying our water supply and bringing this important (and sometimes boring) topic to the public forefront. However, there is a lot of missing information due the short nature of the segment.

Water filtration is critical for your health. It is not an option and it is not something you can trust to a snap-on faucet gimmick or plastic pitcher. The highest quality, medical-grade water filtration available is from Environmental Water Systems. Founded in 1987 and available in over 700 kitchen and bath showrooms in the United States, EWS is the pioneer in whole home water filtration system and public education on water filtration. EWS units have repeatedly been selected as the exclusive, trusted water filtration for children's hospitals, health care centers, private homes, and the US government.

EWS upholds the industry's highest standards for water filtration product - all units (from sink to shower to whole home) are handmade in the United States from USA-parts and contain medical-grade, biodegradable carbon filtration or full-bed depth carbon filtration.

by: smanuva123
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Don't Bath Your Children Unless Water Is Filtered: For Moms & Families