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Donate A Car And Change People's Lives

Donate A Car And Change People's Lives

Donating cars to charities is something that has been done for well over a decade now

, but it is still not as widely popular as it ideally should be.

By donating a car to charity, you are doing something genuinely kind, something that will make a positive difference to those in need. Your car may seem like one that is practically worthless but, as long as it is roadworthy, or just needs a little work to make it so, it can be of great benefit to other people if it is donated to charity.

Different charitable organizations do different things when you donate your car to charity, but there are three main options that will generally be available to the charity when a car is donated - all have substantial benefits.

To start with, a charity may decide to auction any cars that they receive as donations and invest the money that is received into the organization to help further develop any programs that they may currently be running. This option is particularly useful when a charity offers aid to a range of different people, as it means that everyone who is helped by the charity can benefit from the sale of a car. It must also be noted with this option that a lot of auction houses make a special dispensation for cars donated to a charity and will often reduce their own fees so the charity receives a greater proportion of the money generated from the sale.Donate A Car And Change People's Lives

An alternative option is for charities to use donated cars to help them carry out their good work. So long as a car can still get someone from A to B then many people can benefit from it. Whether it be taking old or disabled people on trips or on their weekly shopping, or for taking them back and forth to hospital, there will always be a need for more transport in charitable organizations.

The final option that is available is less common, but useful nonetheless. If a donated car is not able to be fixed and brought back to a working and safe standard, most charities will pass it onto one of the many car recycling schemes that are available all over the country. In this case, there may not be high monetary benefits, though they will still be substantial enough to make a difference to others' lives, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing the car is not sitting in a junkyard, and any useful materials will be reclaimed from the vehicle.

When you donate car to charity, you can always ask the organization what they plan on doing with the vehicle. Most groups will be happy to tell you all the details of what they will do and how your donation will benefit others. If you do not care for their plans, you can always find a different organization to donate your car to.

So, should you happen to have a car that you feel you can do without, and you would like to make a real, positive difference to the lives of some people that are in need of a car, and would greatly appreciate it, then please put a little time and effort into donating your car to charity.

by: Mark Walters

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Donate A Car And Change People's Lives