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Does Nature Play Any Role To Children?

Does Nature Play Any Role To Children?


Giraffe, zarafa, beautiful one.

Fawn and brown marble, kissed by the sun.

A long lick of neck, nibbling on high

Staring at me with your brown bulbous eye.

Hoof-dung air no strilling all around you

Says that it's safe in your home/prison/zoo.

Unseen savannahs stretch off far away.

Okapi neighbors are here to stay.

Giraffe, zarafa, second to none

stun us forever, beautiful one.

-Ian Mole

Giraffe is not the only animals that kids love. In fact kids are attracted to the entire flora and fauna kingdom. Zoo help build students understanding of the natural world. Students will experience program that foster a sense of wonder, share knowledge and active involvement with wildlife and wild places. From nursery to class V or above, there is something for all ages related to educational level. Education is an indispensable feature of protection. We are a step closer to achieving the zoos mission of being a main strength in conserving biodiversity worldwide by stimulating todays children, pupils and students to care for our planets wildlife and its habitats. Before making the students visit in any zoo first ensure that it is safe, happy, and informative as well as has good environment.

The long relationship with schools and teachers with a zoo means they know what they require from their visit, from our educational resources to the basics like where to eat and risk assessments. Young children always dont want to carry their belongings and lunches around so there are many zoo which provide number of lockers close to the Main Entrance of the Zoo. These are large and can carry a number of packed lunches and they charge for the Lockers which is refundable on the return of the key. Kids also like refreshments so in a zoo there is number of catering outlets selling hot and cold meals, snacks and drinks. It also provides a lunchbox ordering service where you can order a picnic lunch and there are also lots of picnic areas around the Zoo if you prefer to bring your own food along with you.

Its a unique living classroom and the journey of discovery learning sessions motivate your students about animals and the natural world that surrounds us. Of course students like to spend weekends relaxing, studying, and preparing for classes, but they also spend their Saturdays and Sundays playing football, rock climbing, going for a movie, and exploring the city. Students also visit zoo which is sponsored by their school and they spend the whole day learning more about some of the fantastic and unique animals. Zoo always has overjoyed visitors with its educational programming with its fantastic animals. School always focuses on environmental education and the zoo is a great place to learn all about the creatures with which we share the world. People really enjoy exciting and educational visit coming face to face with exotic animals. It is very exciting getting close and personal with some of creepy crawlies, learning about their movement and where they live in the world.

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Does Nature Play Any Role To Children?