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Does It Really Matter Who My Liposuction Doctor Is?

Does It Really Matter Who My Liposuction Doctor Is?

Lots of people are thinking about getting liposuction (also referred to as lipoplasty and suction lipectomy)

. However, when most people talk about getting the surgery, they treat it as though it's a black and white decision: either they want the surgery or they don't. If people are being particularly careful about the decision, then they look into different techniques and technologies. A lot of people overlook what is probably the most important factor in making a decision about a cosmetic surgery: who the surgeon is.

Not many people understand how important surgeon choice is. A good surgeon is both skilled and has an artistic eye; he or she is able to envision how your body should look and has the talent to make that vision come true. Even the best of technology cannot make up for a poor surgeon, and a good surgeon can achieve good results even with equipment that is not cutting edge (although good and ethical surgeons will not use faulty or unsafe equipment).

Good, highly experienced surgeons are much safer than unskilled or inexperienced surgeons. They know how to remove fat without putting the body under too much pressure. They can similarly avoid things that will put the body in danger. There have been a number of well-publicized cases of death or serious injury related to lipectomy lately. Much of the serious danger inherent in this surgery can be avoided if there is a sufficiently aware, caring and skilled surgeon.

Skilled surgeons can also improve the results of a surgery. Lipoplasty is a delicate procedure. Removing too little fat will not provide for impressive results. Removing too much fat will give an unusual or unasthetically pleasing appearance. A skilled doctor will know the right amount to remove, and he or she will also know how to remove the fat in a natural and pleasing way.Does It Really Matter Who My Liposuction Doctor Is?

As you look for a doctor, make use of all of the information available to you. You can find out a lot through the internet by reading patient reviews and looking at before and after pictures. You will also want to try to find out your doctor's success and complication rates. You will also want to use your consultation to find out as much as possible about your doctor and the surgery. Remember how important a good doctor is, and remember that your decisions don't all have to be made overnight. You can afford to spend a little time in making this decision; it's a big one.

by: Christian Heftel
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Does It Really Matter Who My Liposuction Doctor Is?