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Does Cellulite Treatment Really Work?

Does Cellulite Treatment Really Work?

The answer to Does Cellulite Treatment Really Work

? depends on which treatment option you are considering or have already gone for. If the option is the Cellulaze laser, the answer would be a confident Yes and the next sentence makes it clear why. An article published by Cynosure on its Cellulaze website reveals that for a patient who had undergone this treatment two years earlier, cellulite hasnt yet shown its ugly face. Some other treatments such as lotions, creams and external pieces of energy equipment for the cottage cheese effect or dimpled skin do reduce cellulite but the outcomes are only temporary. These treatments would have to be repeated to maintain results. Cellulaze is a one-time only procedure.

Why Cellulaze Cellulite Treatment Works

Cellulaze is the first laser procedure against cellulite to not just be one-time, but also to tackle problems beneath the skin that trigger its formation. The lotions, creams and energy equipment simply fix the surface problems and therefore, are not really performing an effective job. The problems that the Cellulaze system tackles are tight and inflexible connective tissue bands around the fat cells, and the pushing up of puffed-up fat pockets imprisoned by the inflexible bands against the skin. In the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon, the systems advanced SideLight 3D laser fiber can be maneuvered to:

Flatten projecting fat
Does Cellulite Treatment Really Work?

Resolve the dimpling problem by setting free the fibrous bands pulling down on the skin

Stimulate collagen secretion to increase skin elasticity (increase proven to be 29%) and thickness (increase proven to be 25%)

The outcomes from the single procedure would progressively get better over three to twelve months. The results will last for 12 months or longer.

A Winner for Safety too

Apart from the aesthetic benefits, another area where Cellulaze is a winner is in the area of safety. The cosmetic surgery procedure is performed with the less risky local anesthesia, making it a wide awake treatment. Whats more, the system has an exceptional ThermaGuide delivery system that does away with possibilities of unevenness and hot spots.

More Benefits

Several other benefits of Cellulaze cellulite treatment may be pointed out:

Minimally invasive

Can be used effectively on both small and large regions

Procedure takes a maximum of 90 minutes; the minimum time is 60 minutes

No hospital stay

Short downtime your regular work schedule can be resumed within two days

Negligible scarring

To Ensure You Get the Benefits You Deserve

First you should know that if you are not too overweight and have little to moderate cellulite buildup, your results would be good. This is actually the criteria for an ideal candidate. Having mentioned that, to ensure that Cellulaze cellulite treatment does really work for you, approach a suitable plastic surgeon working at an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery center. Suitable here infers that your surgeon:

has the necessary qualifications

has successfully finished a Continuing Medical Education (CME) accredited web-based course

has gone for in-depth training in using the laser system.

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Does Cellulite Treatment Really Work?