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Doctors Don't Focus On Making A Quick Buck

Doctors Don't Focus On Making A Quick Buck

Jobs in medicine have long been desired by youthful people who want to make a difference

. In recent years, this trend has escalated with more and more people joining the medical community for the chance to work for the public good rather than the material wealth it represents.

Medical schools, pharmaceutical companies and medical insurance companies still offer large salaries to qualified individuals but many of today's graduates will turn down these jobs for lower paying positions.

He, instead, decided to continue working for an organization that he established while in medical school, and earns a salary of $12,000 annually. This doctor is only one of many who have decided to focus more on improving the quality of medical care in our country and less on earning a high income.

He is moving away from the traditions that surround the medical profession. He is the founder of a four-year-old institute that deals with individual communities to study their most pressing medical, dental, educational and legal needs.Doctors Don't Focus On Making A Quick Buck

He believes that the overall requirements of the community are intertwined, and therefore it is necessary to consider other aspects, along with health care issues. The basic problem is that there are simply not enough opportunities for the student whose desire is to innovate within the confines of the present system.

This country's health care is currently facing a serious crisis. Medical schools are starting to react but they require encouragement.

The medical students themselves are pushing the issues and many of the medical schools across the country have begun responding to their demands. Presently, just about all medical students recognize the issues and desire to be part of the solution.

One of our best medical school's deans has stated that, currently, students possess a stronger sense of social consciousness, a genuine sympathy for our world, a true interest in injustices against humanity and a strong sense of belonging and purpose.

The dean also stated that this is the first generation of physicians where he has seen these qualities, and that it can affect what they find funny as well. Moreover, he added that the medical students of today put in much more time and energy to accomplish their goals.

Today's medical student has unique values, goals, and lives a unique lifestyle. And he doesn't want to be trapped by the social conventions of his predecessors.

Past generations of physicians have been especially concerned with socio-economic success. Instead, they hope to make a change in society's vision of a doctor as part of an elitist group concerned with the accumulation of money and material wealth. Previous generations have a very difficult time understanding the ideas and goals of the current generation.

The prevailing mind set is that the deliver of medical care at all societal levels be determined by need instead of the financial resources of the patients.

One associate professor who supports and helps lead these reform efforts points out that while billions of dollars are spent on medical care, people are actually not any happier now than they have ever been. He also claims that without change, this trend will continue. In reality, they could be much worse off should changes not be forthcoming.

One organization has been created with the goal of encouraging medical students to enter the areas of preventive medicine, and public and environmental health.Doctors Don't Focus On Making A Quick Buck

One of their programs includes sponsoring community oriented medical projects to help benefit communities and encourage aspiring doctors. Their goal is to create a more comprehensive medical school curricula that includes training on community health issues via the use of community outreach projects.

One student, who worked as the organization's program director, reported that many of the budding doctors to be who have worked on the group's projects expressed interest in returning to that community to practice medicine.

Medical specialties including community health, and medical practice for minority groups by minority group doctors, are expected to increase.

by: John Chambers
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