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Doctor Diabetic Supply: Obtaining and Handling Them

Doctor Diabetic Supply: Obtaining and Handling Them

Author: Renata Nyleve

Whether you are suffering from type one or type two diabetes, you need to seek professional advice for treatment. Medicare covers doctor diabetic supply for those who are dependent on insulin and those who are not. Some of the supplies include lancets, glucose-testing monitors, blood-testing strips and glucose testing monitors. Renata Nyleve Editor of the "Free Diabetic Testing Supplies" website -- -- pointed out; Lancets are sharp pointed blades or needles that are used in getting blood samples to test the glucose. Lancets are of different types some of them having caps while others have special features such as laser skin perforators and automatic lancing devices The automatic lancing devices are tubes that are used to get blood samples while the laser skin perforators are similar to lancets that are used to puncture the skin to obtain the blood sample. Glucose test strips, Glucose testing monitors and the glucose control solutions work together to test the blood sugar level of diabetics and the implications. The blood glucose monitor is used to take the reading from the blood droplets. They are usually taken from the fingertip. The blood is then put in the edge of the test strip. The meter then displays the glucose level on the digital screen. Use the control solutions to ensure that the test strips are accurate. You will also need to take into consideration the compatibility of the test strip with the glucose meter. In order to get your diabetes supply you will need to get a prescription from a doctor. The Doctor diabetic supply prescription must indicate your diabetes diagnosis by the doctor. The prescription should also indicate the number of lancets you require in a given month and the type of meter you require. It should also show whether you are required to use insulin and the frequency needed to test your blood sugar levels. Make sure you ask your doctor whether you are allowed to take the ordinary sugar. Finally get to learn all the proper ways of using the respective medical diabetic supply from your doctor added R. Nyleve. Further information and resources to get your free diabetes supplies online by visiting: http://www.FreeDiabeticTestingSupplies.netAbout the Author:

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