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Do You Really Need A Doctor?

Do You Really Need A Doctor?

Do you really need a doctor? You have an overactive bladder (sudden urge

, frequent urination, nocturia, etc.). You are also thirty plus pounds overweight. The excess weight presses down on your bladder causing it to become overactive. You see, hear an ad on television for a drug that treats overactive bladder.

Do you really need a doctor, medication or do you need to lose thirty plus pounds? The answer depends on the individual as some are willing to change their diet and others not, but would rather take pills, drugs instead with the hope of cure or lesser pain.

Poor diet tends to cause most disease via too much or too little blood, structure and function. TOO MUCH PROTEIN AND FAT, especially animal (red meat, pork, chicken, turkey, fried foods, etc.) tends to slow, thicken and heat the blood (high cholesterol, tumors, cancer), liver (congestion), arteries (plaque, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure), skin (acne, warts, psoriasis), head (restlessness, insomnia), kidneys (stones), stomach (ulcer), body odor (putrid, offensive), large intestines (dry stools, constipation, tumors), etc.

Everyone one of these symptoms, diseases has a recommended protocol: doctors, drugs, surgery, radiation, supplements, herbs, acupuncture chiropractor, etc. Do you really need a doctor, medication, etc. if you are eating too much protein and fat or do you need to eat less animal protein and fat and more vegetables and fruits or do you need to do both? It all depends on your condition, diagnosis, willingness to change diet, etc. Do You Really Need A Doctor?

TOO LITTLE PROTEIN AND FAT tends to thin, weaken, slow digestion (abdominal bloating), blood (thin, anemic), face, skin, nails, hair (pale, thin, cracked), bones (osteoporosis), immune system (weak immunity, catches colds, easily, autoimmune illnesses), ovaries, uterus (infertility, miscarriage, short-term pregnancy), testes (impotence, premature ejaculation), etc.

Do you really need a doctor, medication, etc. if you are eating too little protein and fat and too many raw vegetables and fruits or do you need to eat more protein, fat, cooked vegetables and less salads, tropical fruits, juices, cold drinks? It depends on the individual, his, her condition, knowledge, will power, ability to change, etc.

Most diseases do not require a doctor but instead knowledge (biology, nutrition) and the willingness to change diet. The human body is thousands of years old, yet there is no universal manual (until now). It not as if the body, earth, sun, symptoms, diseases, fruit, beer, etc, have changed that much in the last several thousand years.

The body builds up and breaks down largely according to food, nutrients, to which there are only two: building and cleansing. Too much or too little building or cleansing, in the extreme, tends to cause disease via too much or too little blood, structure and function. The correct balance via simple diet and common herbs restores health.

by: Richard Heft
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Do You Really Need A Doctor?