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Do Violent Movies Make Children Violent In Nature

Do Violent Movies Make Children Violent In Nature

It is quite ok when we see adults showing violence

, but it looks really sad when children become violent. Children are not supposed to be violent because they are considered to be innocent. However, over the years, it has been seen that children have become more violent than their previous generations. The reason of such a change can be many but one of the reasons is violent films. The present generation is more into violent movies which also leave a deeper impact on them. Infact, children go to schools and try the activities that they watch in violent movies on their class mates or school mates.

The increasing amount of kids with aggressive activities can be responsible on bad environment at home, rigorous stress and be deficient in of self assurance, teacher not paying enough attention, parents who continuously fight with each other, lack of help and support, feeling of being unaccompanied during times of trouble and gloominess. To add to these reasons, movies also raise kids coming in contact to violence by showing violent scenes and series.

The vital age for any person is the period of early childhood. This is the part in which a person is susceptible to anything, and accepts anything be it correct or incorrect. This is the exact time when they learn almost everything that will ultimately shape a persons very being, psychologically, with honesty and sensitively. Imagine a kid learns different ideas on how to kill by just watching a movie. Since movies these days involve new tricks of killing a person, a kid not knowing whether it is right or wrong takes it like any other example being given to him and learns it rapidly.

They then put into practice this newly created knowledge or talent in school and on other kids. What they do not realize, is that what they are involved with is wrong and will in the long run spoil their life and future prospects. Therefore, parents should make it a point to keep their kids away from watching violent movies. Kids are innocent; therefore they learn what they see. If parents do not tell them where they are wrong, then they cannot be blamed for anything they do.Do Violent Movies Make Children Violent In Nature

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by: manishpaull
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