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Discover Your Childs Talent :-

Discover Your Childs Talent :-

Congratulations Sachin Tendulkar and to every Indian

. We are proud of you being compared to one and only Don Bradman. May be in future you may beat his name too in the game of cricket! But this has not been true without his parents support who valued their sons talent and perhaps because his father himself was a great talent. He was not an ordinary person just to feed his family for regular meals and caring for them. His father Mr. Ramesh Tendulkar was himself a Marathi novelist and that may be the reason why he understood that only scientists, engineering, medical or civil services or defense services or carrying family business could not help us grow that well as the childs individual talent - when nurtured and embraced with respect.

As far as the earning of livelihood is concerned anyone and everyone could do it some extent but imagine if you just got a chance to have a profession of your choice-not just for barely money or financial gains but also to satisfy your inner needs- then you would be more contented, and be at peace. Remember, as any kind of professional or a personnel employed in Government Services, if you just do something because you just felt to do it that way- not imagining of promotion or hike or bonuses- just as it is because you felt like that. How did you feel that moment? The immediate gain was immense satisfaction and contentment and a sense of achievement and long term gain was your increased self confidence, knowing your own self and worth, promotions, hikes, bonuses and other different kinds of appraisals.

I would like to raise this point to every Indian parents and teachers not to discourage your child's talent if they are not that good academically. Every child has got same special talent and interests. Allow him or her to explore their talent and allow them to pursue their own interests. As an elder you might have more experiences in your life but remember only in your situations of your life and you cannot generalize your own experiences to your children or anyone else. So please be vigilant before imposing your own subjective experiences in any individual's lives and presenting it in a highly "objective manner"...who knows your child may emerge as another Tendulkar, Vishwanathan Anand, Chetan Bhagat or Lata Mangeshkar... May be your child is the one...Good Luck...

Dr Smita Pandey Bhat
Discover Your Childs Talent :-

Clinical Psychologist

Gurgaon, Delhi - NCR, INDIA


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