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Differences Between Cosmetic And Regular Dentistry

Most people today are aware of the importance of proper dental care and oral hygiene

, and thankfully so. Poor dental habits can result in all sorts of medical problems, making it all the more vital for people to maintain their teeth on a regular basis and visit their dentists as needed. These days, when it comes to oral care, the world of advertising seems to be centered on the aesthetic angle of dentistry rather than the health aspect. From whitening to contouring to porcelain veneers, patients can benefit from a multitude of appearance-enhancing procedures relating to their teeth. This aspect of dentistry is known as cosmetic dentistry, and in some places, it is slowly gaining popularity over regular old dentistry.

So how does cosmetic dentistry differ from standard dentistry? The general goal of cosmetic dentistry is to enhance the appearance of peoples teeth, while the general goal of regular dentistry is to maintain teeth on a functional and hygienic level. Cosmetic dentistry requires its fair share of advanced training, as specific technical skills are needed in order to perform the various procedures that fall under the cosmetic dentistry umbrella. In order to be able to successfully perform cosmetic dental treatments, a dentist must receive the proper hands-on training that goes far above and beyond regular dental training. This aspect of cosmetic dentistry truly requires a lifelong commitment. A good cosmetic dentist will not only keep up with advances in dental procedures, but hell take the time to learn how to effectively perform the latest techniques.

While cosmetic dentists need to learn the technology associated with cosmetic procedures, they also need to develop a good eye for oral aesthetics. After all, a cosmetic dentists job is not just to simply perform procedures, but to identify ways of improving patients smiles and offer recommendations as such. A cosmetic dentist also needs to be able to determine which procedures will not work to address certain problems or concerns.

Naturally, all dentists recognize the importance of proper oral hygiene and care, but cosmetic dentists tend to focus more on the aesthetic aspect of the teeth. Of course, some people tend to misconstrue this approach as one that tends to neglect the care and upkeep required to properly maintain teeth; however, this couldnt be more removed from the truth. While a cosmetic dentist is trained to offer the latest procedures that work to improve the appearance of ones teeth, he will always be certain to point out the health-related benefits of such procedures. Also, any good cosmetic dentist will also make patient health and safety a priority and advise patients to forego procedures that could negatively impact the teeth from a hygienic or structural perspective.

The fact that just because a treatment or process can help make you look good doesnt mean that it wont improve your teeth in other ways. One classic example of this is the notion that most people tend to have about braces. It is generally assumed that the purpose of braces is to straighten crooked teeth in order to make them look more attractive. In reality, the purpose of braces is actually to align the teeth properly in order to improve their functionality. Of course, the fact that braces work to make teeth look nicer is a wonderful benefit, and possibly the primary one that inspires most patients to get braces in the first place, but its important not to forget that braces serve a functional purpose as well. In fact, the same holds true for many cosmetic dental procedures. And while nothing is wrong with focusing on the aesthetic benefits of such treatments, patients should recognize the health benefits involved as well.

A cosmetic dentist might not be the person you go to for a root canal or cavity filling; however, this isnt to say that your cosmetic dentist isnt always looking out for your best health-related interests. As is the case with any medical professional in your life, its important to find a cosmetic dentist who makes you feel like you are getting good service and the proper amount of attention. Even as just a cosmetic patient, you deserve nothing less.

The information in the article is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate healthcare provider.

by: Jack Elder
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