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Diep Flap: An Option After Cancer Or A Mastectomy?

Many people get a DIEP flap especially after cancer or a mastectomy

. If you are considering the option, it is very important that you find a doctor who you can trust.

More and more doctors are using a DIEP flap breast reconstruction after a mastectomy or cancer. The DIEP stands for Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator, which can form a soft natural looking breast and it is used to describe the tissue used to create the new breast. If you decide to get it done, then it is important to find a doctor who has experience performing the procedure because it can be very complicated. Spend some time researching the method and finding an appropriate doctor to perform the procedure.

The doctor will create an incision around the bikini line. The doctor will use the patient's abdominal region as a donor area and uses skin and fat instead of muscle. The reason why they use this area is because the abdominal area will recover more rapidly. The doctor will also transfer blood vessels surround the abdominal fat. This differs from other methods of reconstruction because the tissue used to create the boobs is free from the original blood supply.

The abdominal skin and fat are tightened and soon the incision is closed. This is a very invasive method which can last from six to eight hours. The recovery period can be a bit long and complicated but many doctors agree that it can be less painful. During this period, you will feel bruising and may be at risk for infection. If you follow the advice of the doctor, then these risks will diminish considerably.

Not every candidate should get a DIEP flap done. If you lack a lot of abdominal tissue, then you cannot get the procedure. If you are not a candidate, then there are other methods like breast reconstruction with implants or other flap reconstruction. Ultimately the doctor will evaluate the pros and cons and will make a decision as to whether you should get the procedure.

During the consultation period, ask the doctor plenty of questions to make sure you understand the procedure as well as all the risks and side effects. If you keep an open mind and the procedure is performed correctly, you will achieve desired results. If you are considering the option make sure you do plenty of research and understand all risks and side effects.

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