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DHA and Brain Development - Learn What it Means For You and Your Children

DHA and Brain Development - Learn What it Means For You and Your Children

Numerous health food stores sell products that say they are DHA supplements or just omega 3 fish oils. Many of them claim there is a real connection between DHA and brain development. Is this true, how does their product help?

DHA and EPA are two of a group of eight essential fats that together are called omega 3 fatty acids. Many naturopaths, nutritionists and scientists believe our most severe nutritional issue in the West are omega 3 deficiencies. Although they all work with each other, there are several reasons why concerned shoppers are using DHA omega 3 products instead of the old 18/12 EPA mix of the past.

1] Our brains are made up of 50% fat and half of that is DHA. That means 25% [!], and this is the number to remember when wondering why there is a DHA and brain development connection. Low levels of it in adults can cause mental issues like post partum depression, erratic memory, dementia, emotional problems and Alzheimer's.

2] Children in the womb with an omega 3 deficiency typically have lower IQs, less cognition and slower physical development. In 2002 the FDA finally recognized what already was allowed in Europe and Asia - DHA is now allowed as an additive to baby formula.

3] Scientists say that human beings have a unique brain/body size ratio. In other words, we have large brains. We expend 3-4 times more energy to sustain the brain than other primate species. A small brain species can spend its day foraging for leaves but large human brains allow us to build homes, create art and form complex social gatherings.

Although some proteins, vitamins and trace minerals are important, it is now generally accepted that long-chain essential fatty acids are the nutritional launching path for brain growth and sustainability.

What is the longest of the long-chain fatty acids?

You guessed it. DHA.

At this point you might ask - why is it so important to have DHA and brain development? Won't the other omega 3 fats work? Good question. Some will but not as well.

DHA is a complex molecule - remember, it is the longest-chain fatty acid. Practically, what this means is the body can convert it to simpler omega 3 acids when necessary. Simply put, complex to simple is easier for the body and your supplement should have more of it than anything else - including EPA or ALA [derived from plants].

Ok. DHA and brain development go hand in hand but what is the best source?

The better supplement companies can now separate out the toxins from the natural fish oil. It is then concentrated for potency.

My product costs around sixteen dollars per month. It also has natural preservatives and anti-oxidants in it. This is much better than the chemical additives used by others.

Whatever you decided, keep firm standards on these issues. No fish oil is often better than mediocre fish oil. My website can provide more detailed information on this subject.
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DHA and Brain Development - Learn What it Means For You and Your Children Islamabad