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Desktop Application Development: Mobile And Web Are Eating Up The Market

Desktop Application Development: Mobile And Web Are Eating Up The Market

Every business is distinct and often requires the support of technology to effectively meet individual functional goals

. So since the technology surrounding our lives are changing and improving, a meaningful change is the need of time for every business in the look out to sustain.

This article deals with the factors of Desktop application development in a time when traditional desktops are almost vanishing from the scenario. the write-up also targets how web and mobile phone environments are fast becoming the main platforms targeting which applications are being developed.

Mobile and Web vs Desktop

Devoxx 2011 brought a clear picture to the fact that the desktops are being replaced by web and mobile phones. This is because many desktop applications cannot be appropriately ported to web or mobile devices. There are specific requirements for each application that cannot be accomplished by the desktop.

Salient Features of Desktop Application

The main characteristics of that give desktop applications plenty of attentions are:

Java EE


secure backend processing

But the fact that desktop application development is used in homes and for business purposes has proven to be a disadvantage to their development.

Drawbacks of Desktop Application

processing requirements

security requirements

availability in adverse network conditions

The variation in client platforms is the cause of such a regression in desktop development.

Advantages of Mobile and Web

Mobiles and web are regarded as more convenient by clients:

light weight


Clients mostly prefer mobile devices and web as they can be carried easily and are highly reliable with secure back-end processing. This is the core reason on what web development companies in India are cashing. Consumers are giving more importance to mobile devices that are not like pertaining desktops. The traditional desktops are only being used by their developers and by some to do the daily jobs.

The desktop applications are the apps that people download onto mobile devices, but they have more similarity with the back-end enterprise processing with which they're integrated. The traditional desktop application is seen to remain in the corporate data center.

An Eye on the Past

Today the world has changed a lot. Desktops have almost vanished and are giving way to mobiles and web. This reminds me how years back we were facing data center problems; equipped with one or more computers and had no web. Earlier there were only telephones and no cellular phone. Even e-mail was not so familiar to everyone. At that time PCs enabled us only to send and receive faxes and also worked as telephone answering machines.


Putting all these together it is clear that desktop development applications are having little publicity today. Major companies have dumped their desktop development applications due to lack of publicity. There is no question that mobile devices and web are exciting and challenging. There is plenty of room for their improvement. This puts forward the question of the need of desktop today.

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Desktop Application Development: Mobile And Web Are Eating Up The Market