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Dental Problem Statistics for You and its Prevention by:Brendon Buthello

The article is about the recent statistics with regards to people behavior related to their dental checkup and treatment

. Further, a solution is also provided for dental care which is lucrative enough.

According to the study done by National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research in February 2009, nearly half of all old people who are aged 65 or older have visited the dentist in 2008. The more staggering figure is that about 23% of the rest of the sexagenarians have not visited the dentist in the last 5 years. Further, according to the CDC Summary of Health Statistics 2007, about 44% of adults who are aged 18 and higher have last contacted a dentist within the last 6 months. The CDC study revealed that 1% percent of adults had never contacted a dentist or other dental health professional.

These are alarming statistics in themselves. Dental problems have been on the rise during this decade and have almost quadrupled in 3 years. Also, according to American Association of Orthodontists, 2008, only 59% of new patients possess dental insurance which also includes orthodontic and other benefits.

Trends have also shown up in different causes of dental problems, stress being one of them. Doctors have proved a direct link between dental ailments and the increasing stress in different types of individuals and scenarios. Doctors consider stress a vital contributing factor to many health problems, which includes dental weakness. Stress-related dental problems were known to ancient societies thousands of years ago. Teeth, gums and other oral structures are easily affected by hypertension and stress, say experts.

Severe forms of tooth decay were reported in very stressed-out patients, especially women. Stress also causes grinding and clinching which can lead to over-use of the masticatory forces, and cheek muscles may droop down. Cavities and abnormal shapes get created due to stress and grinding and clinching.

According to dentists worldwide, dental problems can be prevented through muscle relaxants, occlusal night guards, occlusal adjustments, full mouth rehabilitation, and psychological treatment. But the main obstacle which deters people going to the dentist is to pay his or her fees. It is difficult for old and poor people to afford the bills of dentists. is the leading provider of discount dental plans. You can ask live experts from the site on how you can save money in dental procedures. The site recommends their innovative plan featured by Aetna. Search for dentists near your residence and get discounts on specialty services such as braces, and other dental equipment etc. You can save money on children's dental health by enrolling to such discount dental plans which save a lot of money though variable discounts on dental checkups. These plans allow many to save on various dental procedures and consultation and some offer additional benefits.

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Here the author Brendon Buthello writes about Dental Problem Statistics & Prevention solved by dental plans. It's helpful for old and poor people to afford the bills of dentists by Aetna Dental Plans. Go now
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Dental Problem Statistics for You and its Prevention by:Brendon Buthello Rawalpindi