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Dental Hygienists Assisting Dentists In A Changing Scenario

Once you enter a dental office its not only the dentist who will be treating you

as a host of other professionals are involved in the process of maintaining the oral hygiene of the patients. These professionals may vary from the technicians to the nurses to the dental assistants that are working in the dental office. Its not really possible even for the best dentist in the world to work in isolation without these professionals. The all important support that is given by these professionals to the dentist does go a long way in helping the patient recover fast.

A dental hygienist is an important person in a dental office. Without a Dental hygienist a dental office would not be able to work properly. The roles and responsibilities of a dental hygienist Dental hygienist extend from clinical procedures to health promotion among patients that visit the dental office. They are entrusted with preventing gum diseases by scaling tartar and tooth polishing. Along with that dental hygienists need to apply antimicrobial and prophylactic materials.

Dental hygienists are also responsible for taking X-rays and dental CT scans along with carrying out other screening and monitoring processes in the dental office. Till a few years back the function and role of a dental hygienist was that of a supporting staff to the dentist. With changing times the roles and responsibilities of a Dental hygienist have changed manifold.

These days Dental hygienists are responsible for the treating and preventing gum diseases in patients which is also called as advanced periodontal therapy. They are the ones who are responsible for applying sealants and fluorides to prevent tooth decay. Scaling and polishing of teeth wherever required is generally carried out by a dental hygienist. This procedure was earlier carried out by a dentist.

It is very important for people to know the right brushing and flossing techniques. It has been observed tat majority of the people all across the world employ techniques for brushing and flossing. The wrong techniques instead of doing any good to the teeth do a lot of harm to the teeth. Apart from that a Dental hygienist is responsible for taking impressions, radiographs and x-rays of teeth. In case the dentist is not available and an emergency crops up in the dental office a dental hygienist is trained enough to handle the situation. Thus a dental hygienist can carry out temporary emergency replacement fillings or crowns.

Its not really possible for a dentist to advise a patient about the diet and the oral hygiene regimen he or she should follow due to the various appointments that he or she needs to honor in day thus a dental hygienist is the one who will work with patients in advising them about the diet and the regimen they need to follow to lead a healthy life where they can flaunt their smile without bothering about bad teeth or a foul smell from the mouth. Thus a Dental hygienists role is to make sure that whatever a dentist misses out he or she covers up the same.

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